Randy Orton Finally Gets The Better Of Kevin Owens On Twitter

There are two things of note to take from the most recent Twitter exchange between Randy Orton and Kevin Owens. First, the two WWE Superstars seemingly do not like each other much. This is now the second instance where each wrestler has gone back and forth with other about completely unrelated to wrestling storylines all meant to be insulting. Second, Owens might not be in the kind of trouble most wrestling fans thought he was when he was sent home from the UK tour for "going into business for himself."

One would logically assume that if Owens was looking to get back in the good graces of the WWE or walk on eggshells for a while, getting into a Twitter war with Orton might not be the best decision. While these social media battles between wrestlers often bring a few more eyeballs to a feud between two stars, Orton and Owens don't have a beef on camera and the attention these Twitter exchanges are drawing might not be the kind of heat WWE is looking for.

It started when a fan posted a photo of Owens stopping by and saying congrats on his wedding. The fans posted, "Wow. just stopped by my wedding dessert party in Epcot. Made this day even better. Thank you!" Owens was kind and congratulated the couple.


Ever an opportunist, Orton chimed in and said, "of course he stopped by..... it was a DESSERT PARTY."

This is now the second time Orton has made random comments about Owens weight. The first being when he posted a photo of him stopping by McDonald's and getting breakfast to make sure he had the calories he needed. At that time he called his meal a regular snack of Owens.

Owens is not the kind of guy who lets this kind of insult go. Often quick-witted and ready to strike, he responded telling Orton he vapes. Orton responded that he actually quit vaping on the European tour but that Owens wouldn't know because he wasn't there (it was a direct shot at Owens who was punished by WWE and sent home from the tour early). Owens wasn't having it.

Where this is going is unknown. Is this just two guys who have a legitimate beef with each other? Or, are they setting up a feud that will play out on WWE television in the coming weeks?

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