Kevin Owens Reveals His Desired Opponent For WrestleMania

Kevin Owens shocked the WWE Universe when he became the new Universal Champion a few weeks ago. Now that he's found his name in the main event status, the list of dream opponents is on.

One match WWE fans have been clamoring for has Owens facing off against The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. The good news for the fans? Owens is also dreaming of facing Lesnar himself.

Asked by Jonathan Coachman (remember him?) on ESPN's Off The Rope about who he would like to face most, Owens replied with "“I want Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.”

Also of note, Owens told Coachman how the locker room was shocked to see him win the title. Triple H's return surprised them and they didn't think he would get pushed so quickly. Owens was also thrilled and caught by surprise with the fans cheering after his victory.

Though Owens vs. Lesnar is still up in the air, Vince McMahon is all about the money, and may give fans a rare dream match that they've wanted.


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