Zayn And Owens Could Head To Raw After Survivor Series Promo

The great thing about the brand split is the potential for stars to jump to other shows. Now, that may happen with these two superstars.

Many fans were upset that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were not a part of the main card for Survivor Series, and they may be on the way to another brand. While they did appear on the pre-show in a match versus Breezango and they made another appearance in the main event—they were chased off by a chair-wielding Shane McMahon—their absence was noticeable and they made sure to tell anyone who would listen during a backstage exclusive interview.

Owens was eerily quiet, but Zayn was not at a loss for words as he rambled on for what felt like minutes telling the camera and the audience that he and Owens had proved a point. They were the two best talents on SmackDown Live and they proved it, both in their match against Breezango, but also each and every night. They believe that being left off Team SmackDown was a farce and Shane McMahon didn't know what he was doing. As Zayn put it, "the point tonight was showing...what a mistake it was to have us left behind."


During Zayn's promo, Stephanie McMahon walked into the scene and immediately showed her sympathy for the two asking for Zayn to continue. He admitted he used to think he was getting the shaft on Raw, but now realizes that Shane is clueless. Stephanie said, "I tried to tell you." to which Zayn responded, "you were right about everything you ever said about Shane. You know what? I'm a big enough man to say... sorry."

Stephanie reached for their hands to offer an olive branch and said, "I'm sorry too... I'm sorry that you've both been put in this position and I hope that my bother recognized both of you as the true talents you really are."

Is this a hint? Is the WWE setting up a possible move for Owens and Zayn toward Raw and a partnership between Stephanie and the two best friends? If so, is this because of the trouble Zayn and Owens found themselves in just recently or is this purely storyline based and the beginning of other future roster changes?


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Zayn And Owens Could Head To Raw After Survivor Series Promo