Kevin Owens Signs Main Roster WWE Contract, Added to all RAW Shows

It appears Kevin Owens is now a mainstay on WWE's main roster, as he has signed a contract to tour with the main roster, according to the Wrestling Observer.

Not only will Owens have a match with US Champion John Cena at Elimination Chamber this Sunday, but Owens will be staying in the big leagues, making a quick five-month transition from NXT to WWE.

Owens is booked for all future RAW shows and will tour with one of the main rosters for live events.

via wwe.com

Owens will remain the NXT Champion for the time being, as he'll still have to drop the title at some point. Owens will still be a main feature for the NXT brand, at least until he drops the title.

This is fantastic news for all wrestling fans and hopefully this Sunday is the start of a tremendous WWE career for Owens.

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