Kevin Owens Teases Match With Brock Lesnar

A match everyone has wanted to see since his debut, is Kevin Owens vs Brock Lesnar. In kayfabe, given Owen's personality, it should be an easy win for Lesnar, however, with The Daily Record, in response to a Facebook Live question from a fan asking whether he'd survive a trip to Suplex City, Owens had this to say about the Beast Incarnate:

"The biggest, most interesting part about this thing with me versus Brock, is that people don't think I'd have a chance, and I love proving people wrong, because I don’t know how many people told me this [points to WWE Universal title] would never happen... and here I am.

So not only would I survive Suplex City, I think I'd take him to Suplex City. [Lesnar] goes around calling people his b***h, I think I'd make him my b***h!"

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