Kevin Owens Calls Out Shane McMahon For His Cameo On Raw

Shane McMahon made a brief appearance on Raw Monday night and that fact did not go unnoticed by SmackDown Live Superstar Kevin Owens.

Raw opened on Monday night with General Manager Kurt Angle informing the WWE Universe that yet again Brock Lesnar would not be honoring the fact that he was meant to be making an appearance. Naturally, Roman Reigns didn't take too kindly to the news and after interrupting the GM he went on the hunt for Vince McMahon hoping for an explanation.

Reigns quickly found McMahon sitting in gorilla position running the show. The Big Dog confronted the boss and Vince's son Shane stood between the two of them before they left for McMahon's office. The SmackDown Live commissioner's presence backstage on Raw likely came as a surprise to some as he once boldly claimed that he doesn't even watch on Monday nights since he is too focused on his own show.


Shane-O 'Mac's presence on Raw wasn't something that went unnoticed, especially by his arch-rival Kevin Owens. Despite the fact that the SmackDown Live Superstars were performing at a live event in Dayton while Raw was live on Monday night Owens saw the clip of his commissioner backstage at their red rivals and couldn't resist ripping him apart for it on Twitter.

Owens sarcastically stated that he's glad McMahon "has his priorities in order," attending Raw despite the fact his own Superstars have a show elsewhere. The "sitting by daddy" comment in particular in Owens's tweet was a really nice touch and will only add fuel to the fire that is the long-running rivalry between him and McMahon. The tweet, plus what happened at Fastlane, will make for a very interesting edition of SmackDown Live tonight.


There aren't many WWE Superstars who managed to strike up the perfect balance between their television personas and how much of that they let leak out on to social media. Owens portrays a guy who is in the business of making a name for himself and cares about nobody else other than those who are extremely close to him. It's probably such an easy person to portray on social media because it is largely who he is outside of WWE also.

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