Impact Star Calls Out Batista & Challenges Him To A Match

Dave "The Animal" Batista announced his retirement from WWE after losing to Triple H at WrestleMania 35, finally closing the chapter on his legendary career in sports entertainment.

It's hard to envision Batista going back on his word now. He's one of the biggest movie stars in all of Hollywood, and the former World Champion went out on a high note by losing to his long-time friend and wrestling nemesis.

But one Impact Wrestling superstar is hopeful that he'll be able to recruit The Animal out of retirement. Killer Kross defeated Nick Cage via submission at Saturday's Bloodsport II event, but he didn't stop there.

After the match, Kross picked up a microphone and called out the future WWE Hall of Famer, and he challenged Batista to a match. Here's what Kross said in his promo (transcriptions h/t Jeff Martin of Bodyslam.net):

"I have a question and I’m asking it respectfully, respectfully. There’s a guy out there who says he retired. He says he’s retired, but being in this ring in front of everybody in this building I (expletive) love this business, I (expletive) love it and there’s no way he doesn’t love it anymore either so I don’t believe he’s retired, so I’m asking respectfully.

Dave Bautista I don’t know you from a hole in the wall. I’m not one of these (expletive) who comes out here to benefit out of anyone’s celebrity, but you just heard that! You guys want Batista at Bloodsport, give us what we want."

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Good on Killer Kross for aiming high and trying to get a match against one of the WWE's all-time greats. But it's next to impossible to see Batista coming out of retirement, at least this soon, and especially for a rival promotion. If Batista were to do one more match, he'd probably do it for WWE.

Batista also turns 51 years of age in January, so he picked the right time to do a retirement match. But as Shawn Michaels showed when he returned to Crown Jewel (after eight years of retirement), retirements are never official in WWE. Maybe Batista will come back to the ring some day.

Will Batista Accept Kross' Challenge?

Impact Wrestling is in a tough state right now, and it's hard to envision them trying to pony up big dollars to bring Batista in. Plus, money doesn't matter to The Animal at this point of his acting career. And again, it's hard to envision Batista doing a match outside of WWE, if he were to even come out of retirement.

Maybe Batista will respond to Kross with some trash talk of some kind, but the odds of him going back to the ring are highly unlikely at this time.

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