Is King Maxel About To Join Woken Matt Hardy In The Great War?

Woken Matt Hardy may be about to add a familiar recruit to his ranks as he gains more traction in his quest to take down Bray Wyatt.

The soul that resides within the vessel known as Matthew Hardy is very much woken. Over eight months ago Matt Hardy returned to WWE alongside his brother Jeff, and ever since the majority of the WWE Universe has been waiting with baited breath for the Broken Universe to follow him into the company. And now, it's here.

A loss to Bray Wyatt two weeks ago awoke something in Hardy and ever since the two of them have been engaged in promo battles going back and forth on Monday Night Raw. Most of Matt Hardy's newly discovered Woken state has been slowly revealed on Twitter though. The veteran has been reintroducing us to a number of things that made fans fall in love with the gimmick in TNA.


There were quite a few characters that made up the Broken Universe previously and right now it's unclear as to which of them will make appearances in WWE. Most of those characters are related to Matt and on Tuesday he suggested via social media that his son may be a part of the Great War. King Maxel made a number of appearances during the last manifestation of his father's Broken Brilliance and even picked up a win at just 18 months old.

Matt posted a short video of the now two year old Maxel sitting in what looks like a throne saying yes, not quite like his dad but that was the intention. In the few weeks that Matt has been woken he has hinted at a couple of other characters coming out of the woodwork too. Senor Benjamin is supposedly once again preparing the field for battle and Vanguard 1's Twitter account recently came back to life.


As has been beaten to death over the past few weeks, if WWE are going to do this whole angle then they need to do it right. Doing it right requires the whole cats of Matt's Broken Universe and also WWE not simply repeating the same segment week after week as they did on Monday. Vince McMahon needs to give Matt Hardy full creative control and then just sit back and watch the magic happen.

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Is King Maxel About To Join Woken Matt Hardy In The Great War?