Kiss And Tell: 15 WWE Women Who Revealed A Bit Too Much About Their Love Life

Being a public figure comes with many flaws, one of which could be the fact that your private life is no longer something that can be kept under wraps.

The whole world finds out about who these wrestlers are dating as well as intimate details about their love life almost as soon as they are promoted to the main roster. Despite this, it seems that many WWE Female Superstars are not happy with just the facts of their relationship being out in the open, so they have decided to share much more than the general public ever needed to know.

There was once a time when intimate details remained behind closed doors, but in a generation that is ruled by technology and the fact that Total Divas needs to remain a hit in the ratings, it seems that nothing is off the table when it comes to many women in the WWE spotlight.

The following list looks at 15 women who have shared a little bit too much about their private life over the past few years. Sometimes there is such a thing as bad press, especially when their boyfriend is unaware that this kind of personal information was being made public knowledge.

15 Carmella Tells The Whole World What She's About To Do With Cass

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Carmella joined the cast of Total Divas this year and was able to reveal to the world publicly that she was dating former NXT star and her former stablemate Big Cass. The couple then went to visit Miz and Maryse as part of the series and refused to stay that Maryse's house because they wanted to be in a hotel because Carmella wanted to "spend time" with Cass alone.

This was something she repeated a number of times throughout the episode before she convinced her boyfriend that he also wanted to spend some time alone with her and they then told Miz and Maryse that they wanted to stay at a hotel even though Maryse had shipped over a huge bed for Cass. It was definitely a unique way of showing the world that her relationship was going well.

14 Liv Morgan Reveals That Enzo Cheated On Her

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While Carmella was happily sharing information about her relationship with Big Cass, Liv Morgan decided to share a little more than she should online following her break-up with his former teammate Enzo Amore.

The current Cruiserweight Champion was said to have cheated on Liv, who he had dated for a number of years after the couple met when they were both working for Hooters. Liv and Enzo made a seemingly cute couple until rumors began circulating a few months ago that all was not well in their relationship and Liv then began to tweet about how happy she was to be single and knowing that no one is cheating on her anymore. Even though she never revealed the full details, it was still a little more than people needed to know.

13 Ashley Massaro & Sunny Exchange Personal Info About Each Other

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It probably was inadvertent for Ashley to end up sharing the information that she did, but when Ashley called out Sunny on Twitter following her private Skype sessions with fans, she forgot that she also had a huge part of her life to hide.

Sunny then revealed to the world that Ashley used to work as an escort before she was hired by the company and even posted the link to her old account. Following Sunny's rebuttal, Ashley obviously had no comeback to this since Sunny had nothing to hide at this point, but it seems that if Ashley had a secret that big to hide, then she probably shouldn't have stepped up and attempted to argue with Sunny on a public domain. Ashley hasn't been able to regain her reputation since.

12 Melina Posts John Morrison's Prescription

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Melina was once considered to be the future of the Women's Division, but the former Women's and Divas Champion has gained a lot of heat recently because of the things that she has done outside of the ring.

Melina's 2005 affair with Batista has been well documented and somehow John Morrison managed to forgive his girlfriend and the couple moved on, that was until the relationship hit another snag and Melina decided to post Morrison's prescription for erectile dysfunction online for the world to see. This was the final straw for their relationship which ended back in 2015 and it seems that it was the thing that turned a number of fans against Melina, it's safe to say that she won't be returning to WWE anytime soon.

11 Brie Bella Reveals Daniel Bryan Doesn't Do 'Quickies'

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Brie Bella has never been considered quite as scandalous as her sister Nikki, but that doesn't mean that she hasn't had her own fair share of moments where she decided to share a little bit too much on Total Divas.

Brie once shared the fact that her husband is unable to have a "quickie" because he likes to create an entire atmosphere with candles and music. She also told her sister in the middle of a shop that she was no longer on birth control and her and SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan were instead relying on "the pull out method." It's hard to look at Bryan the same after the things his wife has shared about him, although it does beg the question as to whether or not Daniel knew his wife would share such things.

10 Sunny Reveals The Performance Level Of Her Partners

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Sunny was once considered to be the first ever WWE Diva and her recent exploits could have been one of the main reasons why WWE decided to distance themselves from the term "Diva." In almost two decades since she left WWE Sunny has revealed a lot of information that should never have been made public knowledge.

Sunny decided to share intimate details about the nights she spent with Dolph Ziggler, Chris Masters and Shawn Michaels as well as later grading all three men on how good she thought each one was before deciding that Michaels was the best partner she had ever had. Many WWE fans have decided to ignore anything that Sunny posts anymore because it has reached the point where none of it is considered relevant.

9 Nikki Bella Shares Her Personal 'Toys'

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Nikki Bella will always hold the record as the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history, but the strides she has made in the ring have only been knocked back by the things that she has shared on Total Divas.

Nikki has talked about her sex life on numerous occasions, which includes references to the sex toys she was forced to move over to John Cena's house in the first series. Nikki most recently even began talking to her brother about how she deals with being alone without Cena one a regular basis, which was uncomfortable for the WWE Universe watching so it is unknown how poor JJ felt. Nikki needs to rein in back a little bit before viewers stop watching because she's making them feel awkward.

8 Natalya Reveals Tyson Kidd Is The Only Man She's 'Been With'

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Natalya is one of only three women who has been a main cast member on Total Divas ever since the very first episode back in 2013. Nattie has always been a loyal girlfriend and wife to her husband Tyson Kidd throughout the past four years on-screen even though the two have actually been a couple since they were teenagers.

When the rest of the Divas were talking about their sex lives back in season three, Natalya revealed that Tyson Kidd was the only man that she had ever dated or in fact slept with. She stated that she had known that he was the one from the very beginning and even though it was a cute moment that doesn't happen very often in the current generation, many still felt that this was something that Natalya should have kept personal.

7 Naomi And Jimmy Uso Can't Go A Day Without The Deed

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Naomi is a former SmackDown Women's Champion, but she is also a cast member on Total Divas, which means that her relationship with Jimmy Uso has been made public knowledge for a number of years.

Back in the early seasons, Naomi and Jimmy's relationship wasn't portrayed very well at all and saw them attempting to break the rules on the tour bus by having sex on there when no one else was around. Jimmy apparently has a very high sex drive so the couple were just finding random places to get up to no good. It looks like they have calmed down over the past few years and have both gone on to become Champions on WWE TV so the company probably hope that their fans have forgotten all about this.

6 Victoria Reveals She Was Briefly John Cena's Road Girlfriend

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Victoria is a former WWE Women's Champion and even though she was married throughout her time in WWE she was still dragged into a number of rumors when it came to her personal life. Victoria was the latest in a long line of women who were linked to John Cena while he was still married back in 2009.

Even though Victoria was married at the time, she was forced to come forward and reveal that this was during a time when she and her husband had separated and he had moved on to date other women so she decided to move on and date other men. The couple did this many times before the end of their relationship in 2015, but looking back, Victoria and Lee had quite a dysfunctional relationship for a number of years.

5 Torrie Wilson Reveals All In Stuff Magazine Interview

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There was a time when the women of WWE were not taken very seriously at all, despite being a former Women's Champion even Trish Stratus was roped into an interview with Stuff Magazine back in 2005 along with Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler where the women were asked all about the intimate details of their love life.

The three women then went into graphic detail about the things that they preferred in the bedroom as the interviewer decided to go past the level of personal with many of the questions. This was a time when playboy pillow fights and bra and panties matches were a regular thing, which means that it wasn't uncommon for the women of WWE to share this kind of thing, thankfully times have changed since then.

4 Maria Reveals All Her Favorite Locations For Getting It On

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Maria recently returned to WWE at Money in the Bank back in May after a seven-year absence where she was able to become a well-known star in both Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor. When Maria first joined WWE through the annual Diva Search, she was signed to the company as a backstage interviewer and later went on to become an occasional wrestler.

Maria played a ditzy character backstage but it seems that in reality, she was a completely different person as an interview from back in 2008 proved. Maria posed for Hugh Hefner during her time in WWE and decided to share all about her sex life as part of this where she went into detail about all of the places that she'd had sex including a hotel balcony and a pool. She also claimed that the one thing that she wanted to do was to have sex in the middle of the ring, which was perhaps aimed at her boyfriend at the time, CM Punk.

3 Paige - Everything

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There aren't many people left in the world that don't know the ins and outs of Paige's private life after what could be considered a relatively crazy year for the former Divas Champion. From the sex tapes that were leaked of her to the countless news stories about her former relationship with Alberto Del Rio, the WWE Universe seems to know more about Paige's life outside of WWE than they ever actually wanted to.

Paige has recently broken up with Del Rio after almost two years together and has subsequently returned to WWE TV in the hopes that she can put the past year behind her and once again focus on her wrestling ability which is something that the WWE Universe has been trying to do from the very beginning.

2 Rosa Mendes Swings Both Ways, Hits On Paige

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Rosa Mendes is perhaps one of the most forgettable WWE Divas of all time, it was unknown as to why WWE decided to cast her on Total Divas, that was until she revealed that she had feelings for Paige and decided to tell the world that she was in fact bisexual.

Rosa became obsessed with Paige throughout that season on Total Divas often exclaiming that there were things about the former Divas Champion that "turns me on." Rosa finally plucked up the courage to tell Paige and eventually kissed her too, but unfortunately, Paige didn't feel the same way. Incredibly Rosa quickly moved on to date Bobbi Schubenski and gave birth to her first child, a daughter called Jordan back in February 2016 before leaving WWE on her Birthday this year.

1 Lana's Wedding Broadcast

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Anyone who appears on Total Divas is usually forced to talk about their love life, which means that Lana was forced to do the same thing when she joined the cast a few years ago. Total Divas is there to scandalize a lot of what goes on outside of the ring and The Bella Twins are the ones who are usually sharing a little too much, but in the last season, the focus turned to Lana as she celebrated her two weddings with Rusev and she was also forced to share her love life with the world.

Lana and Rusev were one of the couples who were lucky enough to have been together both on and off screen, but following their weddings on Total Divas, the WWE decided to split them up and they are now both performing separately on the SmackDown Live brand.

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