Kofi Kingston On Which Of His Rumble Stunts Was Toughest To Pull Off

This year's Royal Rumble was one of the most memorable in the event's 30 year history. Not only did we witness a women's Royal Rumble match for the first time ever but both matches were entertaining with plenty of surprises with each. Plus fan favorites Shinsuke Nakamurs and Asuka winning their respective matches made sure most fans went home happy.

Aside from surprise entrants and shock winners there is one other thing that every fan can't wait to see each year at the Royal Rumble: Kofi Kingston's stunt. Every year the elder statesman of The New Day finds some wacky and creative way to avoid being eliminated. Landing on the barrier, using an announcer's chair to hop back to the ring, as long as both feet don't touch the floor he's still in the match.

While making an appearance on The Buzz Adams Morning Show recently Kingston discussed the stunts and which one was the hardest to pull off. 'I think, for me, the toughest was the handstand one', Kingston explained, 'My hands are thrown on the ground, but my feet are up in the air, so I am walking around and doing a handstand headed towards the stairs where my feet are on the stairs and they don't hit the floor'.

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The longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champion of all time was very modest when it came to the topic of his Rumble stunts. For the most part he gave credit to the others that are sometimes involved. Like the latest one for instance, Kingston landed on his tag partner Xavier Woods who had been eliminated from the match moments before and was boosted back into the ring by Woods and Big E before his feet touched the ground.

The trouble is with Kingston's Royal Rumble appearances is they never lead to anything. It's widely assumed that the former US Champion won't be winning a 30 man over the top rope match any time soon and he normally gets thrown out immediately after his amazing feat. Sadly WWE likely missed the boat for a top Kofi Kingston run following his rivalry with Randy Orton, but the spot he had in The New Day right now is hardly one to be sniffed at.


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