10 Best Kurt Angle Promos Ever

When people think about Kurt Angle their minds instantly go to the incredible matches he had throughout his WWE career, competing against the very best putting on classics that will be remembered forever.

However, while he was obviously a very talented wrestler, it was actually his entertaining personality and his promos that made him stand out as one of the greatest of all time, with Angle always catching the attention of the WWE Universe.

While he could easily have relied upon his wrestling to make him a star, Angle quickly became one of the best talkers of his era, and within this list, we will rank his 10 greatest promos.

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10 Bad Habits

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We kickstart this list with a promo from the 2002 Royal Rumble, where Kurt Angle decided to head to the ring before the Rumble match during the PPV to cut a 10-minute promo.

The fact he was able to maintain the audience's full attention, with the fans absolutely going crazy throughout as he ran down bad habits that the audience had, with his habit being that he wins.

This entire segment just showed how talented Angle was as a talker, with fans going crazy throughout, despite the fact it was a PPV night and they expect wrestling.

9 Trashing Rey Mysterio

Kurt Angle as a heel really is the Olympic Gold Medalist at his best and this SmackDown promo trashing Rey Mysterio is a perfect example of that, with Angle running down the masked wrestler.

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He didn't hold back here, giving his full opinions of the fans at the same time, in what is a very fun promo from the WWE Hall Of Famer.

Of course, Angle also added some comedy in, proving as ever that he has no problem in mocking himself with the hilarious "I'm a man who loves to play with boys" line.

8 Rap Battle

Thankfully, Kurt Angle was never worried about taking himself too seriously during his wrestling career, which allowed him to be involved in some hilarious segments, such as this moment with John Cena.

Angle and Cena had an incredibly rivalry on SmackDown, and while people often look back at Cena's debut as their greatest moment, this rap battle segment might just beat it.

While Cena was known as a legitimate rapper, nobody was expecting Kurt Angle to end up busting out some bars, spitting lyrical genius at Cena and beating him at his own game.

7 Retirement Announcement

Anytime a wrestler has to give the announcement that they are going to be hanging up their boots, whether it be due to injury or just because they are ready to stop, it is always an emotional moment.

While Kurt Angle stated that there was still time left, as he wasn't retiring until WrestleMania, it was still an emotional moment for both Angle himself and the WWE Universe.

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Even though this wasn't a particularly long promo, Angle spoke from the heart and began to get a little choked up as he broke the news to his fans.

6 Intense ECW Promo

This particular promo took place during Kurt Angle's run with ECW and because of that many fans might have actually missed it, which is a shame considering how great this particular promo was.

Angle spoke ahead of a match with Chris Benoit, where the winner was set to earn a WWE Championship spot where he admitted he was considering himself a failure due to the fact he wasn't holding a title in the company.

Angle almost broke down in tears as he claimed his daughter and wife were unable to look at him the same, fully making the fans by into everything he was saying.

5 WWE HOF Speech

While this is technically a speech, rather than a promo, this was an unbelievably entertaining moment that had fans in stitches while they were laughing and recalling all of his classic moments throughout his career.

Kurt Angle provided the perfect Hall Of Fame speech here, gripping the audience with emotion and comedy, turning what can potentially be quite a dull and boring evening into an incredibly entertaining one.

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Hall Of Fame speeches are so easy to get wrong, but Angle proved why he is one of the best talkers in the history of the business with this one, absolutely nailing it.

4 Wheelchair Promo

Kurt Angle's run as the SmackDown General Manager was one of his most memorable, mainly because it highlighted just how good he was on the microphone as he was unable to wrestle due to injury.

While Angle cut plenty of great promos during this period, his greatest came when he first returned, starting out incredibly sympathetic until he turned on the fans halfway through the promo itself.

This was Kurt Angle at his absolute best, showing just how talented he was as a talker in wrestling, getting the audience eating out of his hands with everything he said.

3 I'm Just A Sexy Kurt

Another one of Kurt Angle's most memorable promos came during his feud with Shawn Michaels leading to WrestleMania 21 where he ended up impersonating the Heartbreak Kid in an amazing moment.

Angle brought out Michaels' former manager, Sensational Sheri and went on to parody his entrance song, changing the lyrics as he dubbed himself a 'Sexy Kurt' who will 'make your ankle hurt.'

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While it wasn't a serious promo that got everyone fired up, it was just a hilarious moment that saw him take a few shots at his opponent and got fans excited for the match itself.

2 You Can't Beat Me

Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero had a very special feud, with their in-ring connection being one of the greatest in the history of professional wrestling, but they also shared a fantastic connection on the microphone.

When the two men got together it was golden, and their promo on the build to SummerSlam 2004 was a prime example of that, with both men being incredibly serious, making this have a big fight feel.

This is where Angle delivered the classic line that Eddie couldn't beat him, which helped bring out the best in Eddie with his response, which created a great segment.

1 Snaps At You Suck

The 'You Suck' chant is one of the most famous chants in the history of professional wrestling, and Kurt Angle really did make the most of it with this fantastic promo, which gained amazing responses.

Angle totally flipped at the chant during this episode of Raw. After coming out to the usual chants, Angle took to the microphone to berate the fans, going back behind the curtain to do his entrance again, demanding that they shut their mouths.

Of course, this only made things louder and from there he went on an excellent heel rant about how he is the best wrestler alive, gaining some amazing heel heat in the process.

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