Which WWE Hall Of Famer Believes Braun Strowman Can Be As Good As Undertaker?

Braun Strowman has received a major push from the WWE since he was drafted to the Raw brand and disbanded from The Wyatt Family last year. The Monster Among Men has defeated plenty of top competition, including Roman Reigns, Matt Hardy, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and the Big Show.

Most Recently, Strowman has engaged in a rivalry with Kane - who backstabbed him at TLC and had Team Miz dump the Monster Among Men in a garbage truck. Strowman stopped Kane from brutally attacking Finn Balor at this week's episode of Raw, and attacked him with a chair and the steel steps.

There's no denying how much Strowman has relished the the spotlight, and he's showed remarkable talent on the mic and in the ring thus far. In fact, a WWE Hall of Famer is already comparing Strowman to a wrestling legend - The Undertaker.

That man would be Kurt Angle, who did an interview with The Wrestling Estate to share his thoughts on Strowman resembling The Deadman:

"Braun is one of a kind. I actually told Braun this last week. If he stays healthy, he can be up there eventually, in years’ time, with Undertaker as one of the best big men in the business. You have to remember that this guy wasn’t an athlete-athlete. He was a Strongman competitor. It’s hard to believe that he’s as athletic and has the psychology like I’ve never seen a big man have since Undertaker."

That's strong praise from the Hall of Famer, and it's bold to compare him to arguably the greatest wrestler of all-time.

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There's no doubting Strowman has the physique and in-ring dominance to be as entertaining as Undertaker. But he's certainly not going to build up a 21-0 streak, and he has yet to win a championship in the WWE.

Strowman has done a remarkable job in his first year as a singles performer, but it remains to be seen if he's bound to win a WWE or Universal Championship before long. With the Royal Rumble less than two months away, that could be the opportunity for Strowman's character to build up even more.

At least, it could be a chance for him to show he's just like The Undertaker.


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