Kurt Angle Compares Braun Strowman To Himself In ONE MAJOR Way

Braun Strowman has had a meteoric rise in WWE and Kurt Angle had somebody specific in mind when it came to a direct comparison.

Braun Strowman is currently one of the biggest Superstars not only on Raw, but in all of WWE. In fact, he fits that description not only in terms of his current place on the card but also his physical stature. Despite only being a singles star for around a year and a half now, The Monster Among Men has already proved himself to be a worthy adversary to Brock Lesnar and will step into the ring with him again at Royal Rumble.

Strowman's rapid ascent up the card is something not many fans saw coming. When he debuted on the main roster as a member of the Wyatt Family Braun had wrestled just eight professional wrestling matches. Strowman didn't come from a pro wrestling background—he was a strong man competitor before joining WWE—so his handful of matches on the road for NXT were his first and only ones before being revealed to the world.

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When you take all that into account, it makes Strowman's current positioning within WWE even more impressive. Raw General Manager Kurt Angle recently sat down with Muscle and Fitness to talk all things WWE, and the Olympic gold medalist heaped praise upon Raw's resident monster. In fact, Angle likened Strowman to himself, maybe an odd comparison to make on the surface, but when explained it makes a lot of sense.

'I don't like to compare myself to anybody, but he's picking up quicker than anybody I know', Angle explained. Many of the GM's peers who were with WWE at the time Angle was signed cite him as taking to the business more quickly than anyone they've ever known. If Angle believes that Strowman's first two years are akin to his own then that should be considered very high praise indeed.


Braun Strowman has certainly made quite the impact in WWE, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He continues to improve in the ring, and on the mic every passing week, plus the fans currently adore him. 2017 has been Strowman's year, and it appears as if 2018 is only going to be bigger and better for him.

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