Would Kurt Angle Rather Face AJ Styles Or Daniel Bryan?

This time last year Kurt Angle was welcomed back into the WWE family and announced as an inductee into the promotion's Hall of Fame. What wasn't made clear at the time was whether the man who would later become the General Manager of Raw would ever step foot inside a WWE ring for an actual match ever again.

It took quite a while for that query to be answered but eventually it was. At TLC last year Angle's services were called upon when a few Superstars fell ill and couldn't compete in some of the PPV's major matches. The Olympic gold medalist took Roman Reigns spot in the night's main event and he won the match with his fellow Hounds of Justice for the evening. Since then Angle has competed once more as a part of Team Raw at Survivor Series.

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What we really want to know now is whether Angle can still go as well as he used to in a big one on one match. The multi man matches have been all well and good but have disguised exactly what kind of ring shape the GM is in which was likely the intention. A few days ago Angle conducted a Q&A on his Facebook page and one fan asked who he would rather face in singles competition, Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles.


Angle replied 'That's like comparing identical twins. They're both exceptional. Just give me 30 minutes with one of them. That's all I want'. The majority of the WWE Universe would likely give their right arm to see Angle at his peak against either of these men. Technically you already can as Angle and Styles have gone head to head before in TNA. Unfortunately though a dream match between him and Bryan is probably further away now than it has ever been before.

If this whole Bryan/Shane McMahon rift is actually leading to the SmackDown Live GM coming out of retirement then there may be the slimmest glimmer of hope that the leader of the Yes Movement could still compete against Kurt Angle. That's a very big if though and if Angle is granted that 30 minute epic he so desires it will probably have to be a rematch with The Phenomenal One.

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