Kurt Angle Replaces Roman Reigns At TLC 2017

Kurt Angle hasn't wrestled in WWE since 2006, but that's all set to change thanks to a bug going around the locker room.

No, The Shield isn't breaking up again already. But for the upcoming TLC pay-per-view this Sunday night in Minneapolis, Minnesota the newly reformed trio will be without their "big dog" for their five on three handicap match against The Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro, Braun Strowman, and Kane.

In breaking news, is reporting that due to medical issues Roman Reigns will have to miss TLC. Don't fear though WWE Universe because who better to come save the day than the American Hero and current Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle.

When Angle steps in the ring for the fight, it will be his first time competing in a WWE ring in more than 11 years. Angle had only recently returned to the WWE after over a decade away fighting for other promotions. And on the April 3, 2017, episode of Raw Kurt was announced as the new GM of the red brand.

Ever since his return, the wrestling world has been asking if, and when, he would fight again and it looks like the question of "if" has been answered yes and the answer to "when" is this Sunday.



As to the "medical issues" quoted in the article on, there is no further information provided. However, there has been news about a meningitis scare throughout the company over the last 48 hours and the fact that they use the term "medical issues" rather than "injuries" would seem to lend credence to the belief that meningitis is the reason Reigns will be absent.

While the reuniting of The Shield has been the most exciting thing going on on Raw these past few weeks and everyone was excited to see them together for the pay-per-view, the return of Kurt Angle is probably one of the few things that could be as exciting— if not more so—for the event.

How they end up spinning it for the storyline as to why Reigns is absent and how Angle ends up getting involved will be interesting since the show is this Sunday and they will have no TV time to set anything up—which means it will all have to be done on the pay-per-view


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Kurt Angle Replaces Roman Reigns At TLC 2017