Kurt Angle Reveals How He Conjured Up Tears For The Jordan Segment

Kurt Angle opened up on how he managed to conjure up some real life tears for the big reveal of his illegitimate son on Raw last week.

Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle's long lost son. Well, at least within the realms of WWE he is. On Raw last week, the former NXT Tag Team Champion was revealed by the Raw General Manager to be the son Angle never knew he had. It's a tricky story line to pull off in this age of social media, but WWE is going ahead with it anyway. Jordan and Angle actually did a really good job considering the material they've been given, with Angle actually forcing out some genuine tears before embracing Jordan to end the segment.

Angle may be an incredible amateur wrestler and a WWE Hall of Fame professional wrestler, but outside of WWE he is no actor—well apart from a couple of brief forays into Hollywood. So how did he manage to actually cry on cue? Our Olympic Hero opened up about his crocodile tears revealing that all he did was imagine what it would have been like to find out about his real life son Kody had he been meeting him for the first time.

Angle revealed his use of method acting to get the water works going during an impromptu Q&A session on Facebook a few days ago. He said, "I thought to myself what it would be like to see my son Kody for the first time ever, and didn’t know it for 20 years." Clearly, it's a thought that made Angle extremely emotional as it led to him welling up and wiping away tears as his on screen son Jordan made his way to the ring.

The big reveal of Jordan to be Angle's long lost son was met with mixed reviews when it happened on Raw last week. Many fans were speculating that Angle's secret was an affair, possibly with Stephanie McMahon or even Dixie Carter. So when one-half of the now defunct American Alpha came through the curtain, many fans were left underwhelmed. Give WWE a chance though, and it will be interesting at least to see what they have planned with their new father son pairing.


Angle's wide range of abilities should only fill fans with hope that this story line will be a success. During his first run with WWE, the GM proved that he could do anything the company asked of him, and do it well. This latest angle with Jordan will more than likely be another example of that and prove that Angle really does still have it.

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