10 Best Kurt Angle Rivalries Ever

Kurt Angle's career has officially ended after two decades of success at a high level. Angle ended his in-ring career with a match against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35 before transitioning into a producer backstage for WWE. The incredible work of Angle would see him get involved in many feuds against fellow top tier talent in WWE and even TNA.

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We will look at the best overall rivalries from Angle’s career. All these talents brought the best out of Angle, and vice versa. The classic matches and outstanding storytelling each merged to create magic between Angle and his best foes. Find out just which talents had perfect chemistry with him as these are the best ten Kurt Angle rivalries ever.

10 The Rock

Kurt Angle’s first WWE Championship reign came during a feud with The Rock. Fans loved the latter's promo work, which largely involved the Rock making fun of the nerdier aspects of Angle’s character. The two wrestlers had an impressive match at No Mercy 2001, where Angle won the title.

The Rock would win the belt back just a few months later at No Way Out 2001 in another great outing. Both wrestlers were on the same page, with The Rock making Angle look like an equal to him. The two wrestlers had quite a few matches throughout the years with positive results almost every time.

9 AJ Styles

The move to TNA would see Kurt Angle become the top star who worked with younger talents on the rise. AJ Styles was the face of TNA during the promotion's growing stages and most longtime fans associated him most with the show's success.

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Angle and Styles had a tremendous rivalry with quite a few great matches. They even teamed together on a few occasions to have spectacular matches. TNA knew that two superb talents like Angle and Styles would hit a home run every time.

8 John Cena

John Cena started his WWE career by challenging Kurt Angle during an episode of SmackDown. The newcomer held his own against the top superstar to earn the respect of the audience. Angle and Cena would develop a rivalry on both SmackDown and Raw throughout the years.

There was even a battle rap segment between Angle and Cena, with Angle showing off his comedic side. Cena struggled in the ring during his early years, but Angle helped him step his game up. Fans were upset when Angle faced Baron Corbin in his final match instead of Cena.

7 Eddie Guerrero

The rise of Eddie Guerrero in 2004 saw Kurt Angle become one of his main foes. Angle and Guerrero had a spectacular match at WrestleMania 20 for the WWE Championship. The feud continued when Angle was the SmackDown General Manager trying to make Guerrero miserable.

Eddie and Kurt had outstanding matches every time, as their rivalry carried SmackDown, especially when JBL’s title reign struggled at times. The two wrestlers were among the best in the world and knew how to take each other to another level.

6 Edge

Some of the best moments for Kurt Angle early in his career came teaming with Edge and Christian in Team ECK. All three heels were comedically brilliant, but Edge received a face turn to become a singles star. Angle and Edge developed an incredible rivalry thanks to this new dynamic.

Edge often pulled pranks on Angle to keep the comedy alive while making fun of him. Their matches would bring up the intensity as they often had must-see bouts. A memorable moment came in 2002 where the stipulation saw Edge get to shave Angle’s head bald, debuting a new look for the latter.

5 Steve Austin

The rivalry between Steve Austin and Kurt Angle offered a surprising dynamic. Angle had his first major run as a face feuding with the heel Austin during the Invasion storyline. Both men feuded for the WWE Championship throughout the summer of 2001.

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As a face, Angle showed a different level of intensity, taking the fight to Austin's cowardly heel. Their matches at SummerSlam and Unforgiven were outstanding with the title trading back and forth. Angle’s rivalry with Austin made him a bigger star.

4 Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle entered their feud in 2005 after both men had earned reputations for being top tier workers. Their WrestleMania 21 showdown featured the story of Angle trying to prove he was not only as good as Michaels, but he had passed the showstopper.

Their match was an all-time great with fans reacting to every false finish and moment of drama. Angle won the WrestleMania match and they had a few more must-see rematches. The rivalry was based on competition and created some of the best matches in WWE history.

3 Samoa Joe

Angle's best rivalry in TNA was his long feud with Samoa Joe. Angle and Joe were known for their intense in-ring styles. TNA did not waste any time to put these two together, as Angle’s first appearance in the company featured him headbutting Joe.

Both wrestlers would work together many times during their time in TNA. Joe would win his first and only TNA Championship by defeating Angle in a steel cage match on a show that set records for TNA. It is a shame the two could never have a match in their prime in a bigger promotion.

2 Triple H

One of the first huge storylines for Kurt Angle featured him in a love triangle with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. As the friendship between Stephanie and Angle developed, Triple H grew increasingly less trusting of Angle.

Fans wanted to see both heels go at it, despite not liking either character. Angle and Triple H had great singles matches, and their storyline headlined SummerSlam 2000 in a triple threat match with The Rock. These two had one more classic match at WrestleMania 34, with Angle teaming up with Ronda Rousey to defeat Triple H and Stephanie.

1 Brock Lesnar

The top rivalry of Kurt Angle’s career came when he feuded with Brock Lesnar in the early 2000s. Both men had similar amateur wrestling backgrounds and developed a friendship working together. Angle and Lesnar did great work feuding for the WWE Championship on the SmackDown brand.

The biggest honor of their rivalry was that WWE trusted them enough to main event WrestleMania 19. Angle turning face and Lesnar going heel would see the dynamic change later in the year. Brock won the title back in a classic Iron Man match. Magic was always made when Angle and Lesnar were in the ring together.

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