Kurt Angle Says Rusev Would Be His Perfect Opponent

Current Monday Night RAW GM Kurt Angle was recently interviewed by esquireme.com. Among the subjects the interviewer and Kurt discussed, likely the most interesting and informative subject they had touched upon was regarding Kurt Angle's opinion on which WWE Superstar would be his perfect or ideal opponent. The name that came to Kurt's mind was none other than the 'Bulgarian Brute', Rusev.

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Via WrestlingInc, here are Kurt Angle's words when asked the question regarding who he would like to compete against in a WWE match of his choice:

"There are obviously a lot of guys out there but one that I think I could have a really meaningful feud with would be Rusev. I really like the way he competes in the ring. I love his persona and I think I'd be able to have a nice program with Rusev. He's a very talented individual, and I think that the clash of our styles would work very well."

Rusev has been out with a shoulder injury since the Fastlane PPV this past March, and he has been nowhere to be seen on WWE programming ever since, besides an appearance via satellite in May which saw Rusev demand a title match at the Money In The Bank PPV last month (which never happened).


The clash between a legendary American patriot Superstar in Kurt Angle against a foreign monster heel in Rusev would definitely be an exciting collision, especially considering both stars are very talented in the ring and both are able to tell great stories inside the squared circle.

However, despite being a sure-fire solid bout, many fans believe that this clash would have been much more intriguing a couple years ago when Rusev was still being presented as a legitimate monster heel who was continuously adding dominant wins to his undefeated streak. The WWE have already done the American patriotic star against Rusev in the past, with Jack Swagger.

Prior to being sidelined with an unfortunate injury, Rusev had found himself floundering in a low-card or 'jobber to the stars' position losing most recently, in quick fashion against The Bigshow at the Fastlane PPV earlier this year. Had Rusev not been sidelined with an injury, there is a good chance that 'The Bulgarian Brute's' booking would have worsened which would have made this potential match-up between Rusev and Kurt Angle essentially meaningless.

We will just have to wait and see if the WWE books a program between Rusev and Kurt Angle in the future, and if they do, some serious repair to Rusev's severely damaged credibility would be a must prior to initiating the program.


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