Kurt Angle Says It's Difficult To Watch WWE Right Now

Many fans are saying it's difficult to watch WWE right now. Former wrestler, now agent, Kurt Angle says it's hard to watch for a different reasons.

Angle made his return to WWE a couple of years ago. While his initial return was to be part of the Hall Of Fame, he also gave it a go with WWE as the general manager of Raw and in the ring a few times as a wrestler. Eventually, injury issues and a lack of mobility made it difficult to keep going so he's transitioned to a career as a backstage producer.

The Pop Break recently caught up with Angle to talk about his new WWE responsibilities and asked about how trick the transition has been from wrestler to producer. They asked how he likes being behind the scenes versus in the ring.

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Angle responded:

“Right now it’s a little hard to watch. I mean when you make the transition from wrestling to retirement, you still want to be out there. So it’s a little difficult, but I’ve been handling it pretty well. It keeps me busy.”

At the same time, Angle has to realize that time will heal those wounds and that missing the in-ring action will weigh on his less and less, especially as he begins to see how important his new position is.

It's Understandable Angle Would Miss The Ring

Considering Kurt Angle might have been one of the best to ever lace up a pair of boots, it's only natural to feel a sense of withdrawl and eagerness to get back in the ring. But, the security of a new five-year contract as a producer probably helps.

Angle can take his wisdom as one of the best in the ring and impart his knowledge onto the new group of budding stars in WWE. Who knows, maybe he'll find that even more rewarding.

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