Kurt Angle Shoots On If He'll Ever Wrestle Again

Contrary to conflicting reports since his WWE return, Kurt Angle still sounds fairly certain that he will wrestle again before his career is over.

Around this time last year, the one question about Kurt Angle on most fans' lips is whether the Olympic Gold Medalist would ever return to WWE and whether he would be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Well, a few short months later those questions were answered as Angle returned to the fold and headlined WWE's 2017 Hall of Fame class. Since then, Angle has filled the role of Raw General Manager, and with that, another question has arisen.

We in the WWE Universe are all very happy that Kurt Angle is once again a WWE employee, but now we want to know whether the former WWE Champion will ever actually wrestle again. We know that it has been discussed, and we know that Angle wants to of course, but him wanting to and it happening are two very different things. It would seem that Angle is still extremely confident that an in-ring return is happening though.

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Last week, Angle spoke with UK newspaper, The Sun. A lot of the interview covered how happy Angle is to be back with WWE and the process of his return, but naturally, the topic of conversation eventually landed on whether the former Olympian would ever wrestle again. Angle's response was actually a little more positive than one would expect.

"You'll see me back in the ring, for sure," says Angle, adding that he didn't know when exactly, but that's an extremely confident answer.

There have been a few ideas thrown around via the WWE rumor mill since Angle returned to WWE on who he might face first if he were to make an in-ring return. A WrestleMania showdown with Triple H seems the most obvious choice, however, there was also alleged talk of a showdown with Seth Rollins. Apparently, the reason Rollins and Angle are the focus of the WWE 2k18 ad campaign was to begin a build to the pair doing battle in real life.

As touched upon previously above, Angle wanting to wrestle again and WWE letting him are two very different things. Angle has suffered a multitude of neck injuries throughout his career, and it's questionable whether the GM would be able to make it through today's rigorous tests in WWE. He does seem confident though, and it's unlikely Angle would have made comments like these ones unless he had more or less confirmed a come back with Triple H and Vince McMahon.

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