Kurt Angle Teases Women's Division Elimination Chamber

In a recent Facebook Live post, Raw General Manager and WWE Hall Of Famer teased a Women's Division first.

In recent years, there has been a lot of "firsts" for the WWE women's diva division, and they may be on the verge of another. In 2016, Charlotte and Sasha Banks competed in the very first women's Hell in a Cell match. Now, Raw general manager Kurt Angle is hinting at a very first all-women Elimination Chamber match.

Yesterday, Angle did a Q&A segment on his official Facebook page (as pointed out by Nick Hausman from WrestleZone). A fan asked Angle: "Why haven't we seen an all women's elimination chamber match for the Raw women's champion title belt?"

Angle responded with "Patience. You will".


The Elimination Chamber date for 2018 hasn't been set yet, so the speculation will continue until the card is set. Now seems like an ideal time for the WWE to have its first all-women Elimination Chamber match, as the likes of Bayley, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax have formed great in-ring chemistry on Raw.


The 2017 Elimination Chamber event was strictly for the SmackDown brand, but perhaps Angle is hinting that it'll feature Raw superstars this time around. Perhaps a mix up of superstars from both brands could be in the works, too.

2018 would be the ideal time to give the women their first Elimination Chamber match, given how the division is at an all-time high in power and entertainment. There's no reason to believe WWE still stack the card up with a bunch of Cruiserweight and mid-card matches, along with the main event.

Fans can only pray that Angle's tease is a sign of what's to come. The women have done a great job of revolutionizing the division (as Stephanie McMahon had hoped), and they ought to be rewarded for their hard efforts.

But the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view probably won't happen until February, so the WWE Universe will simply have to stay patient, as Angle told the fan.


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Kurt Angle Teases Women's Division Elimination Chamber