Rumors Swirl On If Kurt Angle Will Ever Wrestle For WWE


New reports surfaced on what WWE had planned for Kurt Angle's in-ring return and if the Raw GM will actually ever wrestle for them again.

Fans have speculated as to whether Angle would ever wrestle inside a WWE ring for months now—before he even returned to the company, in fact. Everyone from Triple H to AJ Styles has been cited as a possible opponent for the Olympic Hero, but as of yet, there has been no hint of an in-ring return. New reports have emerged however suggesting that WWE actually did have plans for Kurt to wrestle again, and that his opponent would be Seth Rollins.

Don't get too excited though, it appears there are some mixed reports. While that was the original plan, it seems that WWE has since soured on the idea of having Angle wrestle for them again. Now, the plan is to keep the Raw General Manager as exactly that, an authority figure on Monday nights. Vince McMahon has allegedly gone from liking the idea of an Angle vs. Rollins program to having zero interest in Angle wrestling for the company at all, not even granting the Hall of Famer a medical examination.

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The topic was discussed on Sportskeeda's Dirty Sheets YouTube Channel. The presenter revealed that sources had told them WWE were originally quite high on the idea of Rollins and Angle going at it in the ring, but have since given up on those plans. Not only that but fans hoping for a big SummerSlam, Survivor Series or even WrestleMania 34 Angle wrestling return are almost definitely going to be disappointed.

The original idea for Rollins to be the one to welcome Angle back to the ring apparently came off the back of the success between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar last year. Brock was WWE 2K17's cover star last year with Goldberg being the downloadable character, the two slots that Rollins and Angle are set to fill in this year's edition of the video game. WWE managed to get a blockbuster five-month feud out of that idea, so it's understandable that the exact same idea was toyed with again for WWE 2K18's leading stars.

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On the flip side, Dave Meltzer has reported on Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required) that the WWE plans on running an Angle and Triple H match, though there is no word on when that will actually happen. It could come about as a blow off to the storyline that saw Jason Jordan become the former Olympian's illegitimate son, but that is speculation at best.


At the moment, it's hard to say if the "Wrestling Machine" will compete in a WWE ring again. With that being said, any fan worth their salt will know to never say never. The news that WWE actually did have plans to have Angle wrestle at all is a good thing, and that there is some part of McMahon's brain that believes Angle can still go in the ring and make him some money by doing what he does best.

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