The Least Useful Member Of 20 Awesome Wrestling Factions

Wrestling factions are a crucial part of the sport and create some of the most memorable and amazing moments in history when a group begins to dominate and needs to be torn down or provides countless amazing matches it is often because of the group dynamic. Having more than just one wrestler allows the factions to do very different things and tell very different stories which are a benefit to the fans and the workers involved, but when there are large factions, not every member is going to be equal.

Every faction tends to have a leader, one person who is in charge of everything and normally spends most of the time on the microphone. There can often be a tag team in the group, an enforcer, a highflier, the rest really depends on the group itself. However, one thing that does tend to happen is that every faction has a weak member. Sometimes this is done intentionally, with the weak member being placed in the group to take all the pin falls, protecting the bigger names, yet other times it just ends up being this way.

Whether it's because they don't get to shine as much inside the ring, don't get given the microphone time or spend most of the segments in the background, some factions might be amazing but one member tends to be less useful than others. This is the case in weaker factions and even in the greatest factions of all time and within this article we will look at the least useful member of 20 awesome wrestling factions.

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20 D-Generation X- Hornswoggle

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When we think of D Generation-X we think of the incredible moments during the Attitude Era that helped define the era. We think of the incredibly risque promos that Triple H and Shawn Michaels used to cut alongside Chyna which created one of the greatest factions in history.

However, their second reunion saw the two men bring the group back and it's fair to say things were not the same. Instead of amazing promos, it was lame dad jokes and potty humor and it was only made worse when Hornswoggle was brought in as a member. The entire situation regarding Hornswoggle being the mascot of the group was a total waste of time and just summed up how DX didn't work in a PG era, with old-school fans simply rolling their eyes at the idea.

19 Fortune - Doug Williams

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Doug Williams will go down as one of the greatest British wrestlers of all time and someone who helped pioneer the current movement which is taking place right now in the country with the likes of NXT UK and the return of World Of Sport. He also spent a large portion of his career working for TNA where he got to be part of the Fortune faction, the group built up with amazing names such as AJ Styles, Ric Flair, and Bobby Roode, amongst others.

They were one of TNA's greatest ever factions and were very dominant, but for Williams, he regressed in the group mainly being used as the fall guy who took all the losses to protect the bigger names such as Styles, which made him look much less useful.

18 Undisputed Era - Bobby Fish

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While the group is still fairly new, the Undisputed Era is one of the hottest factions in wrestling right now with the group simply taking over NXT and becoming the act that everyone is talking about. All four men are incredibly talented but for the early stages it's Bobby Fish who is proving to be the least useful member of the faction and unfortunately for him, that is mainly down to his lengthy injury.

He was flying during the early months of the group's inception but once he was injured, Roderick Strong took his spot and now Fish is the odd one out on the outside with no title and not much purpose.

17 Nation Of Domination- Mark Henry

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While he would go on to have a Hall Of Fame career, the start of life in wrestling wasn't the smoothest transition for Mark Henry and within the Nation Of Domination, he was shown to not be quite ready for such a role. The group was pushed heavily due to the potential stars that were within it but Henry was only new to the business and still very green. He hadn't quite started to show-off his brilliant personality and because of that, he was just seen as the muscle of the group.

Henry would stand there looking tough and not saying much which made him easily the least useful member of what was a very entertaining faction.

16 The Brood - Gangrel

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Despite the fact that The Brood was set up by Gangrel, he ended up being the least useful member of the faction, which is something that rarely happens with the leaders of any group. Gangrel had plenty of talent and his gimmick was one of the most interesting during his time, but the problem for him was he paired himself with two incredibly exciting individuals in Edge and Christian who outshined him.

This was proven when the group disbanded and the tag team went on to new heights while Gangrel struggled to keep afloat in the mid-card, eventually being released by the company.

15 The Wyatt Family - Erick Rowan

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The Wyatt Family was an awesome group with three key members in Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, and of course, Bray Wyatt and while there were other members for small amounts of time such as Randy Orton and Braun Strowman, those three were the core men. Bray Wyatt was always the leader of the group but both Harper and Rowan enjoyed success during their time in the group as a tag team, but it was always Harper who felt like Wyatt's right-hand man.

It was Harper who enjoyed some success as a singles wrestler while Rowan never managed to entertain on his own, proving that he needed the group more than the group needed him.

14 The Authority - Corporate Kane

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While a lot of people might not have liked The Authority, that doesn't make them a bad faction as that was the entire purpose; they were there to be the biggest heels in the entire company and that is what they were. The group successfully got Seth Rollins over as a main event player after breaking from The Shield and dominated the landscape of the company (arguably for a little too long), creating some great moments throughout.

However, Corporate Kane was a total mess. Put simply, it just didn't work and while the idea was fine, changing his character and keeping him fresh, nobody wanted to see that side of Kane who ended up taking all the losses anyway.

13 Main Event Mafia - Samoa Joe

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Main Event Mafia was another very fun group in TNA, but Samoa Joe stood out like a sore thumb and evidently did not belong in the group. It might be a surprise to see someone as talented as Joe be the least useful. The group consisted of former WWE and WCW World Champions with Booker T, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle and Sting, which then for some reason had Samoa Joe thrown into the mix and it didn't work.

Joe didn't fit with the messages that the group were trying to push and he didn't even commit to the groups look of always wearing suits, instead, coming out in his usual ring gear which just added to the whole mess.

12 Right To Censor - Bull Buchanan

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Right To Censor was one of the Attitude Era's best factions and even though none of them were main event names the group really added something to the mid-card of WWE at the time and were fantastic at gaining heat. The edgy characters of Val Venis and The Godfather were totally turned on their heads, thanks to the leadership of Ivory and Steven Richards and those four all made sense within the group.

But then there was Bull Buchanan who just seemed to be there because WWE had nothing else to do with him at the time and he made the group weaker in the long run and shouldn't have been part of the faction.

11 The Four Horsemen - Steve McMichael

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In many people's opinions, The Four Horsemen are the greatest wrestling faction in history, and it is tough to argue that fact. While the group did have many members during its time, one man who didn't deserve to be involved was Steve McMichael. McMichael was a former NFL player that barely any wrestling fans even remember nowadays and while he certainly tried to learn the sport, that was the major issue, The Four Horsemen were meant to be the very best.

Adding someone who was still learning the absolute basics in the ring was a crucial mistake as he needed time to develop and practice and he was only made to look worse by being placed alongside the likes of Ric Flair who were masters at their craft.

10 La Familia - Bam Neely

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Wait, you don't remember Bam Neely? Stunning. There was no doubt about who was the least useful member of Edge's La Familia faction and Neely certainly took the award for that one, managing to do a grand total of nothing during his time with the group. Neely was supposed to be in the group to add some muscle and work as the back up for Edge and Chavo Guerrero, but Neely wasn't much bigger than the Rated R Superstar which made the entire thing ridiculous in the first place.

Neely didn't add anything to the group and instead made them look weaker, his promos (when he eventually got on the microphone) were poor and his in-ring quality was miles behind the rest of the group and he should never have been added.

9 Legacy - Manu

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The original Legacy group was one of WWE's best factions in modern history and is often forgotten about when people discuss great factions. With Randy Orton at his very best as the leader and the young upstarts in Ted DiBiase Jr and Cody Rhodes by his side, the faction was a hit. There is a saying of "too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the broth," and that was the problem when WWE decided to throw Manu into the mix and while he fit in terms of having a family legacy, he was also nowhere near ready to be at that level.

Rhodes and DiBiase were two very promising wrestlers and had all the tools to be working at that level but Manu sadly didn't and that was quickly made clear and it was no surprise he didn't last long.

8 The Beautiful People - Lacey Von Erich

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One would think that being part of the Von Erich family would ensure that Lacey Von Erich was one of the best female wrestlers of her time, but the fact her career only lasted around five years should tell you why she was the weakest member of her faction. The Beautiful People is the greatest female faction in wrestling history, mainly because there hasn't been too many, but regardless of that they were still great. Lacey was added to the mix and brought huge star power with her name and looks.

However, in the ring, she wasn't at the same level of the rest of the group as she was still very green and in the end, it was a mistake by TNA to rush her into the role, rather than taking the time to develop her.

7 The Corporation - The Big Boss Man

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Big Boss Man was a fantastic wrestler for his era and size and deservedly has a Hall Of Fame career, however, his time in The Corporation proved that he was slowing down and he didn't work in the position he was given. He was working as a bodyguard and was there to assist The Rock who was being groomed as WWE's next big star, or Vince's "Corporate Champion". Big Boss Man took a lot of the defeats for the group and didn't really do much compared to the rest, with the most memorable moment being him stealing Big Show's father's casket.

It perfectly summed up the Attitude Era and was ridiculous in the best way, but when that is what you're best remembered it proves that there was a lack of quality moments going on inside the ring.

6 Ministry Of Darkness - Mideon

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The Undertaker put together a fantastic faction during the Attitude Era with the Ministry Of Darkness and they became the top heel faction at the time with some fantastic members including Bradshaw, Faarooq, Viscera and The Brood. However, there was also Mideon who stuck out like a sore thumb as he wasn't at the level of the rest and he lacked the scary presence that the rest of the members were able to convey to the audience. Mideon joined the group after The Undertaker performed a "ceremony" essentially brainwashing the former Godwinn brother.

In the end, Mideon quickly moved on from the role and most people now remember him for streaking on WWE TV.

5 The Nexus - Daniel Bryan

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Nowadays, we would never think that Daniel Bryan would be the least useful member of any faction, but the fact is when it comes to his time with Nexus, Bryan was certainly the least useful member of the group. Nexus shook things up upon its debut, causing serious havoc and chaos from the moment they arrived. Bryan was part of that when he took things a little too far in the segment for the company's liking (we all remember that visual of Justin Roberts's tie) and was hastily released for a brief period.

Because Bryan was only part of Nexus for just one night he certainly made the least impact as a member of the group. In the end, Bryan got the last laugh though, having by far the most success out of anyone in the stable.

4 The New Day - Xavier Woods

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While The New Day has done an incredible job of making all three men relevant and strong there can be no denying the fact that Xavier Woods has been the least useful member as he isn't used in matches enough. The situation tends to be that Big E and Kofi Kingston will compete in matches while Woods is on the outside playing the trombone or throwing pancakes around and even though he certainly has an impact, it isn't exactly the same as the men in the ring.

Woods is a fantastic wrestler and is the best out of the three on the microphone, but when WWE restricts how much he gets to wrestle it's hard to say that he is anything but the least useful member.

3 Evolution - Ric Flair

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He might have been the most useful member of the Four Horseman, but when it came to his second faction, Evolution, the Nature Boy was the least useful member of the incredible group, and a lot of that simply comes down to age. At the time, Flair was past his prime and wasn't exactly going to be getting one final push to the main event limelight. He was mainly used on the outside to cause distractions, while adding some huge prestige to the group.

Flair certainly played his part in the group and it's impossible to think of Evolution without the Nature Boy, but if you had to pick the least useful member of the group sadly, the two-time Hall Of Famer has to take the loss here.

2 Bullet Club- Bone Soldier

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Everyone in the wrestling world knows about Bullet Club, it has created some of the biggest names in the sport from Finn Balor and AJ Styles to Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, but one name you probably don't remember is Bone Soldier. There is a reason for this, he was bad. Coming out in confusing ring gear that didn't suit the slick look that the rest of the group always appeared in, Bone Soldier just looked out of place and when it came to in-ring work, things didn't improve.

He was often used to pick up defeated and tended to take any defeats the group took, with former leader Omega claiming he was "an intergalactic disaster," which pretty much sums him up.

1 nWo - David Flair

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While the nWo was one of the greatest factions in wrestling history, the group really did dilute from the fact it had so many members it just became a muddled mess. We could write an entire list about some of the worst members, which is why it's normally only the core three that are thought about in the faction.

However, the history books will reflect all of the members that nWo had and the least useful has to rank as David Flair, who just served almost no purpose at all other than costing his father a match against Hulk Hogan at the 1999 SuperBrawl event.

David always lacked the ability in the ring and wasn't blessed in the same way Ric or Charlotte Flair are despite his best efforts. This was a sign of just how bad things had gotten for the group.

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