Lana Breaks Character On Twitter: Speaks On Gender Equality

Lana is one of the few WWE talents who stays in character on Twitter, continuing to play up the character's anti-American, pro-Russian disposition on social media. However today, Lana (real name, C.J. Perry) spoke on the issues women face in everyday life through a series of tweets. She also said that she will not tolerate any offensive comments about women on her feed. This obviously is coming from the human being and not the TV character.

I am blocking people that write nasty degrading comments below about women. I will not tolerate that on my Twitter feed.

— LANA (@LanaWWE) April 22, 2015

PMS, periods, 9 months of hell, child raising, working, yet we still get paid less, without any justification but that we were born this way — LANA (@LanaWWE) April 22, 2015

If a man were a woman for just one day the entire world would be a different place.

— LANA (@LanaWWE) April 22, 2015

It's always good to see wrestlers, or any WWE performer speak out on real life issues. What makes this particularly refreshing is that she is speaking her mind and not bombarding us with a company's agenda and it's not corporate drivel. She's also making great points.

It was also very surprising that Lana broke kayfabe so to speak on Twitter, because as mentioned before, she's one of the few performers who usually stay in character on social media.

There's always a lot more to the performers than we see on television every week.

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