Lana Reveals Why She Doesn't Wrestle On TV

Lana has enjoyed a successful run in the WWE as a heel manager to her real life husband, Rusev. The Ravishing Russian (worth nothing she's American in real life, and the accent is fake), has performed a handful of matches throughout the years, but is almost rarely used inside the ring.

Lana is usually managing Rusev or her SmackDown women counterparts, but will sometimes participate in a tag team match. Her last singles bout was against Charlotte on the Aug. 8 episode of SmackDown, where she lost to Charlotte.

Most of Lana's singles matches take place during house shows, and she finally revealed the reason why you don't see her wrestle on television:

In the PG Era, WWE has mostly moved away from using female wrestlers only for their looks, but rather they focus more on the person's in-ring ability. Long gone are the days where eye-candy divas like Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson and Maria Kanellis (among others), were employed despite coming with very few wrestling skills.


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Unfortunately for Lana, she doesn't come with an inspiring amount of in-ring talent, but has been able to perform the managerial role well. With Rusev having limited microphone skills, Lana does an excellent job in building up her husband's character and helping him succeed.

Lana has only competed in three singles matches on SmackDown Live this year, with one loss coming to Charlotte and two of them to Naomi. Rusev hasn't been on television as much lately, and his mid-card push has stalled in the past year. As a result of that, WWE has given Lana more work by having her compete as a wrestler at house shows and on SmackDown from time to time.

Barring anything unexpected, Lana will surely continue to relish her role as a heel, and the creative team will continue to avoid using her in a wrestling gig on televised events.

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