Lana Has A Wardrobe Malfunction During Photo Shoot

WWE Superstar Lana is known for her ravishing looks, but during her latest photoshoot for Instagram, she let a little too much slip.

Lana is one of the WWE's most attractive female talents. Proving she's not quite at the level she needs to be in terms of her wrestling ability, the WWE is still utilizing her talents as a good mic worker and sex symbol by putting her in situations that accentuate her "assets".

Recently, Lana was posting photos and videos of her working around her property in Bulgaria. What made these posts so unique is that Lana chose to do all of her chores in a bikini. Milk a cow? Might as well wear a bikini. Herding sheep? Might as well wear a bikini.

Normally this wouldn't be a big deal and not a terribly uncommon marketing tactic for the WWE or its female talent who garner much of their success on their looks. However, these particular photos and videos caught attention, one specifically, because an accidental wardrobe malfunction led to Lana's nipple slipping out of her bikini top. You can see an edited version of the photo below.



Social media immediately went crazy sharing the photo and the even though the Tweet was deleted, the pic was spread around enough to make things a tad uncomfortable for the SmackDown Live WWE Superstar. Fans were quick to point out of the goof up and even though Lana has posed nude in other photos, the slip was not intentional and likely not something she noticed in the photos until brought to her attention. Once the New York Post picked up the story, it was officially a big deal.

Unlike other WWE female personalities who have had photos leak and regretted their decision to pose nude for a camera, Lana was not the victim of a computer hack or theft of personal property. She simply made an editing mistake before posting the photos and neither she nor anyone on the WWE's social media team caught it until it was too late.


Her tag line in the Tweet was: “Couples that milk cows together stay together. Happy Anniversary @RusevBUL.” Hopefully, after this mistake, there are no hard feelings between Rusev and his recent wife.

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Lana Has A Wardrobe Malfunction During Photo Shoot