Lana's 15 Hottest Instagram Photos You NEED To See

Lana debuted in the WWE in 2013, alongside her real-life fiancé Rusev. Lana and Rusev have been inseparable ever since they appeared on WWE television.

Rusev has become quite the heel in recent years. He is a legitimate badass who can crush nearly any opponent he faces. Rusev is definitely over with the fans, but I'm not so sure he would be quite as popular without Lana by his side.

Lana appeals to the WWE fans for a number of reasons, but it's quite obvious why most of the audience loves her. Lana's hot. I mean, she's like really hot.

The WWE Universe is so infatuated with Lana that they will actually break out into random "we want Lana chants." So, what does Lana have that the other WWE women don't? Well, for one Lana is perfect in every way possible. She also insults the American audience, which is kind of hot in a weird way.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Lana, this list of Lana's 15 Hottest Instagram Photos You NEED To See will help you understand why she's so popular. I truly hope you enjoy this article because it was a true pleasure to write.

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15 Country Loving

Lana might be a proud representative of Russia, but there's no denying her sexiness in this cowboy themed outfit. Lana's flower dress elegantly drapes her perfect figure in a way that leaves little to the imagination.

Lana's legs also look incredibly toned in her leather burgundy boots. The smile on her face is rather seductive and inviting.

The fact that the image was mirrored doubles the attractiveness of the photo altogether. Imagine if there were two Lanas that came to the ring every Monday night? I don't think that the WWE Universe would be able to contain themselves. Lana knows exactly how to show her stuff and while you wouldn't take Lana for the type that would hang in a barn, she pulls it off beautifully here.

This picture is a great example of why we love Lana even though her WWE character hates us all.

14 Flawless

We all know that Lana loves to show off her body, but this Instagram picture proves that she loves to show off her man just as much. With that being said, I kind of wish that Rusev could've been cropped out of this photo. Side note; why carry the title everywhere you go when you have Lana by your side? That belt just would seem to get in the way, wouldn't it?

Lana looks so incredibly hot here. That dress is tight and revealing. I don't think anyone could have worn it better. She looks absolutely stunning, and she also seems to be enjoying herself.

This photo was obviously taken on the red carpet of the CMT Music Awards. The event was recent and it's a shame if you missed it. I regretfully missed the event, but I will be tuning in next year if Lana is there!

13 Marry Me

Maybe a Guns N' Roses #wedding dress 😎

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

WOW! Is Rusev the luckiest man on earth or what? This photo was taken a few weeks ago while Lana was trying on dresses for her wedding. Rusev must be doing cartwheeels if Lana is going to be wearing anything like this for their wedding.

I don't think I have ever seen a hotter wedding dress in my life. Lana's entire body looks ridiculously attractive in this photo, but it's her lower half that has me stunned! Those legs are incredible, and her heels only make the entire photo hotter. If Lana wears a dress like this for the couple's wedding, there's no way anybody at that party will be able to focus on the actual ceremony.

I know this is the PG era, but Lana definitely has the male fans thinking X-rated thoughts! Lana knows exactly what she's doing with images like this.

12 Flexibility

No days off ..... EVER !!!! 😁 #Wantsit 🙌 #Tapout #TotalDivas 💪

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

In this Instagram post, Lana shows off her amazing flexibility. The Russian princess strikes a pose while doing a ridiculous split.

Lana's workout attire is a bit revealing to say the least. It must be difficult for everyone in the gym to focus when Lana is in there doing splits half-naked. With that being said, I doubt that anyone would complain.

The fact that Lana is so flexible adds to the sick fantasies that many of you already have about her.... I read the comments. Nonetheless, Lana looks even hotter than normal in this picture due to the fact that she is in a boxing ring. After all, we all know that men love women who are interested in combat sports.

Lana is truly a rare breed. She's hot, successful, and she likes sports. And again, Rusev is one of the luckiest men alive.

11 Princess

Who is ready to watch me #Monday night #Raw ????? 💋 #RavishingRussian 👠

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

Lana leaves little to the imagination in this incredible outfit. There is so much cleavage in this photo that it's hard to ignore.

Not only does Lana have the best legs since Stacy Keibler, but she's extremely busty as well. While it's hard not to focus on Lana's womanly assets, we shouldn't ignore her beauty. Lana looks comfortable in any pose, in any outfit. This is one of Lana's best pictures to date. She has never looked so pretty, and her hair is also on point in this picture as well.

The Ravishing Russian posted this photo a few months back before Monday Night Raw, and I'm sure that it helped boost the ratings. You wonder if she was asked to do a little something before the show to get viewers tuned in. Mission accomplished.

10 Seeing Double

Lana posted this hot photo on Instagram just before the Money In The Bank PPV. In this photo we get to enjoy Lana standing in front of the beautiful backdrop of Las Vegas. What you didn't notice it was Vegas? Neither did we.

Anyone who follows Lana knows that she enjoys mirroring her photos, and it's not hard to see why. The only thing that could ever be hotter than Lana is two Lanas.

The light pink dress that Lana is wearing looks uncomfortably tight. However, it doesn't phase Lana because her body is perfect. She literally has no fat on her stomach.

The dress also shows off Lana's twins as well as her perfect legs. Her midsection is revealed thanks to the fishnet style of the outfit.

Money In The Bank was a great PPV, but this photo added even more excitement to the event....We love you, Lana.

9 Lovely View

CHAU #MEXICO 💚 #bikini time 👙#SELFIE ✌️

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

I know i've already said that Lana is busty, but this photo takes things to a bigger and more exciting level!

Lana is clearly enjoying some time off at a tropical resort. The water behind her looks incredibly blue and clear. The sky is breathtaking, and the leaves of a palm tree gently blow in the warm breeze..... Who am I kidding? You're not looking at the scenery, and neither am I!

Lana posted this Instagram selfie while in Mexico a month ago. Whoever was on that resort got more than their money's worth for their vacation. You just better hope you're not with your spouse when Lana's strolling along the beach, because you WILL be caught staring.

As for Lana herself, she appears to be having a great time. It also appears that she wanted to give her fans a view of paradise, and we honestly can't get enough of it.

8 Stairway To Heaven

The classic Led Zeppelin song, "Stairway To Heaven," is arguably the greatest Rock N' Roll song ever written. With that being said, this picture of Lana standing on a stairway is just as beautiful as Zeppelin's timeless track. When they were writing the song, their vision of "heaven" likely looked something like this.

This Instagram photo was posted two months ago before a WWE show in Brussels. Lana shows nearly everything in this hot picture, and we absolutely love it. The lighting in the picture contrasting with her wardrobe is just perfect. This photo alone tells you her Instagram feed is a must-follow.

Here we can see that Lana is rocking a pair of knee-high black boots and a black body suit with a revealing midriff. Her hair also looks incredible as she pulls on it, which makes the image even more seductive. This photo is stunning and unforgettable.

7 Russian Vixen

Watching you .... Learning 👀💋

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

Summer is finally upon us, and this picture of Lana in a green bikini is a great way to usher in the hot season. She looks absolutely perfect here, and we hope there are more pictures like this on the way.

Lana posted this photo on her Instagram account just a few days ago. She appears to be in a cave of some sort. She's also staring at someone off to her right. It's unclear whether she was again on vacation recently or if she just found this one in the vault. Whatever the case, we're grateful that she busted this one out.

From the looks of this photo, its obvious that Lana has been hitting the gym hard in recent months. The lower half of her body is incredibly tight. She has a perfect v-shape where her abdomen ends. Her hair and makeup are flawless as well.

6 Hotrod

🏎 IN MY OWN LANE 😎👠 📸 @mariobarberiophotos

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

Lana loves Russia, but she looks like an American bombshell in this picture. It's no secret that guys have always loved hot girls and classic cars, and that's something that will never change.

Photographer Mario Barberio had a brilliant idea when he decided to photograph Lana leaning on this 1950s hotrod. This remarkable picture was uploaded to Instagram three months ago.

In this photo, Lana looks just like a classic pinup model. She is wearing a pair of incredibly short jean shorts that show off her perfect legs. Lana's also wearing white heels that are covered with a red rose pattern, and her top is loose fitting and slightly revealing.

The photographer did a great job of capturing Lana's beauty as well as highlighting her amazing figure. Mario Barberio and Lana seem to be a perfect match. I just hope there is more to come from the duo in the near future.

5 Total Diva

#TotalDivas 🎥

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

Total Divas is one of the most popular shows on the E! network. The reality television show follows the lives of the most popular female WWE Superstars. However, Lana, who is by far the most cheered woman in recent years, has only appeared on a few episodes of the show. She is now going to be a regular cast member when the series returns in the fall and Lana being on the show should get you to watch it.

The reality is that Lana should get her own WWE show in the future. Nonetheless, the Russian bombshell took matters into her own hands when she posted an incredible selfie a few weeks ago.

The caption of the picture revealed that Lana was in fact shooting an episode of Total Divas. A camerawoman can clearly be seen in the selfie behind Lana. Of course, it might be kind of hard to look past Lana in that outfit.

4 Beach Goddess

I 💜 the #beach #ocean 🌊 & my #bikini 👙🏄 @boomkinis 👀

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

This Instagram photo was posted several months ago, but it's still one of Lana's best. Her body looks astonishing here. Lana and the beach seem like a perfect match and it's no wonder that many of her Instagram photos involve her on a beach. You almost wish that WWE would just tour on beach cities so Lana could hang out by the shore every day.

The caption of this post reveals that Lana loves the beach and her bikini. Well, most of us do love the beach, but even more of us love Lana's bikini. Her pose here is incredible.

Lana has to know how hot she looks here. She has a huge smile on her face as she basks in the sunlight. Lana's pink bikini is tiny, but that's perfectly fine with us. Her body is extremely fit in this picture. She looks almost too perfect here.

3 Workout Gear

I like to hit a pose when I #workout 😉 #BTS 👀 #tapout @tapout

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

Lana is one of the most physically fit athletes in the WWE today. While she doesn't actually wrestle all that often, it's obvious that Lana is in incredible shape. She seems to be ready to go if she was called on by WWE to get in the ring.

This Instagram photo of Lana clearly shows that she takes her physical fitness extremely seriously. It's also obvious that she loves to show off for the camera.

The caption of the Instagram post even states that Lana likes to hit a pose while she works out. Of course, we don't care what she does when she's wearing an outfit like that.

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to work out if Lana was a member of your local gym? I mean, is there anything hotter than a woman who works out in pigtails, short shorts, and a sports bra?

2 Bikini Life

👙 #bikini #life 💖✌️

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

According to the caption of this Instagram post, bikinis are life. Well, life would be a lot better if Lana wore nothing but bikinis.

This picture of Lana was taken a month ago in Cancun. The Ravishing Russian is throwing up two peace signs as her magnificent body is on full display for the world to enjoy. Man, right now you should be planning to go to Cancun for your next vacation.

We all know that Lana looks great in a bikini, but I think this is her best bikini photo yet. Her body looks really fit here. She seems to be ready for another day to relax on the beach and whoever is taking this picture probably had her waiting there for a while before snapping the pic.

Lime-green can be a hard color to pull off. Of course, Lana is one of a kind, and she looks absolutely amazing as usual.

1 Selfie Queen


A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

Lana is unquestionably the queen of the selfie, and this picture proves it. She looks so incredibly hot here that it's almost unfair to the rest of the WWE Women.

This outfit is by far the hottest thing that Lana has ever worn in an Instagram photo. The black outfit shows off every asset of her body.

Lana's legs are on full display here, as she doesn't have a single stitch of clothing on them. Her top is also extremely visible thanks to the generous amount of cleavage that the top portion of the outfit provides. Her face also looks gorgeous as usual.

The Russian beauty queen definitely knows how to turn heads and get people talking. This photo was uploaded two weeks ago, and it already has 50k likes. Lana has taken Instagram by storm in recent months, and the number of subscribers that she has continues to rise day by day.

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