Lance Storm Explains Why Kofi Kingston's Quick Title Loss Was A Good Thing

Lance Storm explains if fans want pro wrestling to feel more like a real, unscripted sport, then matches like the WWE Title match on SmackDown have to happen.

WWE's first SmackDown on FOX has been receiving mixed reviews. Fans who tuned into the show either seem to love it or hate it. The Rock's return to WWE, Kevin Owens defeating Shane McMahon in a ladder match, and Tyson Fury hopping the barrier in an attempt to get his hands on Braun Strowman.

All of that action yet the two biggest take-home points from the show happened during the final ten minutes. Cain Velasquez showing up, and Brock Lesnar winning the WWE Title in incredibly short order. Kofi Kingston ran at The Beast when the bell rang, wound up on his opponent's shoulders, and was instantly F-5ed and pinned for the loss.

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Kingston's historic title reign coming to an end in that way has left fans reeling. However, former WWE Superstar Lance Storm took to Twitter to explain why fans should have enjoyed the extremely short match. Storm points out that if wrestling fans truly do want the industry to feel more like a legitimate combat sport, then matches like Lesnar versus Kingston have to happen from time to time.

Storm pointed out that when a match ends as quickly as that in MMA, it is talked about as if the winner got a lucky shot. That he or she isn't necessarily better than the opponent they happened to strike down within the first few seconds of the match. "If you are unhappy today with what happened between Kofi and Brock, that’s on you. You want a sports presentation, well you got one," Storm tweeted.

Storm said the same thing when Goldberg defeated Lesnar in 90 seconds when he returned. On that occasion, most fans reacted in the opposite way than they have done to Kingston's loss. However, after Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have both been afforded the opportunity to kick out of multiple F-5s in the same match, a man who was WWE Champion for six months losing to one in a matter of seconds isn't a good look.

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