Lashley Follows EC3 Out Of Impact

Bobby Lashley and EC3 were two of the biggest names and superstars for Impact Wrestling, but it appears as though both men are on their respective ways out.

According to Cageside Seats, multiple reports are saying that Lashley and EC3 left the company after the latest Impact tapings. PWInsider was the first to report that EC3 was leaving the company.

And so, two more major names leave the WWE's biggest rival promotion. Since Anthem Sports & Entertainment took over the company last year, we've seen big names like Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis, James Storm and The Hardy Boyz leave Impact Wrestling. Losing Lashley and EC3 are major blows that'll be tough to replace.

Though Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio expects Ethan Carter III to join the WWE, it may not be so easy for Lashley. Meltzer reported that Lashley had bad blood and tension with WWE official Michael Hayes, which led to his untimely departure from the company in 2008.

But Vince McMahon has never been shy to bring back old wrestlers, regardless of any heat or strained relationships. He brought over a ton of WCW superstars that almost put him out of business - including Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash.


He's recently brought back The Hardy Boyz, Maria Kanellis and Mickie James. If Vince believes bringing back a superstar will make his product that much better, he won't be afraid to do it.

via Orlando Sentinel

Impact Wrestling recently brought in Canadian entrepreneur Scott D'Amore and former wrestler Don Callis as the company's executive vice presidents. D'Amore promised some major changes to the company, and moving on from both Lashley and EC3 is bold and daring. It's obvious they're looking to bring in younger competition as they clear out some of the biggest veteran names on the roster.

During his time in the WWE, Lashley won the United States Championship plus two ECW World Championships. We'll see if a return to the WWE is in store for the MMA star and wrestling veteran.

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