Lass Kicker: 15 Things You NEED To Know About Becky Lynch's Personal Life

The orange-haired, self-proclaimed Irish Lass Kicker has become a sensation all on her own after just a year on WWE's main roster. Becky Lynch became the first ever woman to be called up from NXT w

The orange-haired, self-proclaimed Irish Lass Kicker has become a sensation all on her own after just a year on WWE's main roster.

Becky Lynch became the first ever woman to be called up from NXT without winning the NXT Women's Championship and then was dubbed 'the least relevant' member of PCB during the failed Divas Revolution of 2015.

Despite this, Becky has found her feet since she was the first female SmackDown draft pick and became the inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion at Backlash a few months ago.

Even though there were problems with Becky that were deemed personal and nothing to do with her in-ring career, this stopped her from defending her Women's Championship at No Mercy a few weeks ago and has had the fans coming up with their own conspiracies about the reasons why.

Becky is a very personal person. She doesn't broadcast her relationships like many other female wrestlers and she isn't a part of any reality TV shows. So here are 15 facts about the Irish Lass-Kicker to bring you up to date.

15 She Was Trained By Finn Balor


It's considered to be a modern day fairytale but in the world of WWE. Finn Balor and Becky Lynch had worked together long before they both found themselves in NXT.

The two Irish Superstars had gone on completely different career paths since they first met at Finn's wrestling school in Ireland. It was here that a young Rebecca Quinn first fell in love with wrestling and then went on to tour the world to become one of WWE's most traveled wrestlers before she had even signed a contract. Becky has stated many times that she owes a lot to Finn and the fact that he helped her to become the wrestler that she is today. And it's nice to see these two Irish wrestlers succeed in WWE.

14 Has A Degree In Acting


Many people assume that much like footballers, wrestlers become famous because they couldn't excel in anything else. They are the kids in the class that never listened and so they were forced to find a physical career instead, this is obviously not the case.

Becky Lynch is further proof of this since the current Women's Champion has a degree from the Dublin Institute of Technology and has also attended many other professional acting schools. Obviously, acting skills can come in handy when switching careers to be a wrestler because of talking in front of groups of people and having to overcome stage fright (professional wrestling after all is a form of acting in its own right.) So it seems that her degree has helped her much more than she realizes.

13 Wrestling Saved Her Life


As stated in the intro to this article, Becky Lynch is a very private person. She doesn't share a lot of facts about her life with the media, but she did share the fact that wrestling quite literally saved her life.

Becky stated that she was heading down a dark and dangerous path in her life involving alcohol and it could very easily have gotten much worse. Luckily for the Irish-born Superstar, she found a wrestling training school in Ireland that was close enough to her home. She began training and it was then when her entire life changed. If she hadn't walked into that training school 15 years ago and began to learn to art of professional wrestling, it's hard to imagine how different her life would be now.

12 Her Brother Was Also A Wrestler


As with many families who are involved in the business, it seems that wrestling also runs in Becky's family. Her brother was a professional wrestler as well and performed on the British Independent Circuit.

Becky's brother's career wasn't as successful as his sisters though and it ended back in 2006 after it was deemed that he had come to a point where he no longer felt it was worth continuing. His ring name was Gonzo De Mondo and was famous for his Mondo Driver finishing move. Hopefully, his sister's success story has inspired him to once again lace up his wrestling boots and fight one more time. And who knows, maybe Becky Lynch's brother can make something out of his professional wrestling career after all.

11 She Once Managed Paige And Her Mother


As already mentioned, Becky is one of the most traveled female wrestlers in WWE at the current moment, and one of the places that she wrestled before she was signed to WWE was at Shimmer in the United States.

She was on the roster for Shimmer at the same time as British wrestler Paige and her mother Saraya. The duo were a mother and daughter tag team with Paige being known as Britani Knight at this point. Becky then decided to join the team as their manager. After Becky suffered an injury, it allowed her to continue in the wrestling business without having to wrestle for a while. Becky was known as Rebecca Knox at this point of her career. This serves as an interesting connection between the future Team PCB members.

10 She Almost Retired in 2006


Becky was a promising wrestler in the early stages of her career and she was traveling all over the world in an attempt to live her dream, but this almost all came crashing down in 2006 when she wrestled in Germany against a less experienced wrestler and was dropped on her head after a botched move.

Doctors diagnosed Becky with a form of brain damage and she thought that she would never wrestle again. She took the time out of the business to return to her studies and complete her degree, but then returned to wrestling when it deemed that she was no longer at any risk. Thankfully for Becky she was able to continue down her wrestling path. And luckily for fans, we have been able to enjoy the Irish Superstar on a weekly basis.

9 She Didn't Want To Come To WWE Because Of The Term Diva


Becky recently stated that she didn't actually want to go to WWE when she was younger because she never thought of herself as a Diva. Becky said that she found it hard to identify herself as a Diva because it seemed much more glamorous than she was.

Becky stated that she understood that the Divas brand was supposed to put a spotlight on the Women's Division but this to her made it look too glamorous and she didn't think that she would fit WWE's mold. Luckily she did sign for WWE back in 2012 and after a brief stint in NXT, she was called up to the main roster in 2015. Now that the Diva term has been abolished and the women are now known as Superstars, Becky no longer has to worry.

8 She's Been Wrestling For 14 Years


There is a lot of attention drawn to the fact that Paige has been wrestling for most of her life and that she made her debut at 14 years old, but Becky made her debut when she was 15-years-old and has since been wrestling off and on for the past 14 years.

The current SmackDown Superstar has traveled to Germany, Canada, France, and even the United Kingdom where she had stints for many different wrestling promotions before WWE finally gave her the chance to wrestle on their roster. Despite being the only member of the Four Horsewomen who failed to lift the NXT Championship, Becky is one of the most experienced of the four given the touring that she was a part of before she joined the company.

7 Dating Luke “Cool Hand” Sanders


Becky doesn't like to share a lot of information about her personal life and likes to keep all of her relationships private, but her UFC fighter boyfriend doesn't seem to follow the same kind of code.

Pictures of the couple have been put on Instagram and every time they are pictured it seems that they are dressed up and on a date. While Becky doesn't mention Luke much on her Instagram, his page screams out the fact that they are a couple because he is much more open on social media. Becky uses her Instagram to share her obsession with puns and is rarely ever serious about anything when using any of her social media accounts. And isn't that the way social media should be?

6 Her Character Is Herself Turned Up


Many wrestlers call their characters their alter egos. When choosing their personality many often decide to be the complete opposite of themselves because it really is about playing a character. Becky decided that she would portray herself with her personality heightened, a lot.

In reality, Becky has a unique sense of humor. She has an obsession with puns and using them at any and all opportunities. She is also a very bubbly person so when she is cutting a promo or talking backstage, she is just being herself after she's had a few too many energy drinks. This is quite an insight really because that means that the WWE Universe have been seeing a real character for the past few weeks, which is much easier for fans to associate with.

5 She Loves Clowns


It sounds like an odd thing to proclaim since right now clowns are mostly in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, but Becky has an obsession with the red-nosed characters. When she was studying her degree in acting, she made her last year project all about clowns because she thought it was easier to study something that she loves.

It is Halloween this week and as of yet we haven't seen Becky dress up like a clown, but it would be interesting to see if the SmackDown Women's Champion decides to dress up to mark the occasion on live TV. It is a tradition in WWE that female wrestlers always dress up on Halloween and while SmackDown will take place a day later, there is always a possibility of costumes on the show.

4 She Still Get's Nervous Before Matches


This is quite a cute fact actually. This shows that despite the fact that she has traveled all over the world, she is holding the biggest female Championship on her roster, and she has much more experience than many people in that locker room, Becky is still human.

The Irish Superstar hasn't become so consumed by wrestling that she has forgotten how important it is to her. Nerves often happen because you care about something so much that you are scared of getting it wrong. This means that despite being on the main roster for the past year, she still cares a lot about what the WWE Universe thinks and obviously still cares a lot about their opinion when it comes to her ability in the ring.

3 She Was Lost When She Quit Wrestling In 2006


In a recent interview, Becky finally opened up about the fact that she decided to quit wrestling in 2006. Becky was living in Florida at the time and was away from her parents. She had just suffered an injury and said that she was feeling really lost so she just decided to quit.

She likened it to having suffered a death to somebody that was close to her. She didn't wrestle for seven years while she began putting her acting degree to good use. During this time she kept journals throughout these years and she said that she looks back on them now because she likes to see it as a journey that she never finished off and now she has finally managed to get past that.

2 She Can Actually Fight


A wrestler who can fight, not exactly breaking news, but outside of WWE Becky can actually fight. She has trained in a whole manner of martial arts and could be quite the tag team partner if it was a real fight.

Becky is a dedicated student of fighting and is always open to learning anything new to do with combat. This shines through when it comes to her submission moves and the way she holds herself in the ring, but it is pretty scary to know that Becky doesn't actually need to be in a wrestling ring to do some real damage. Sometimes a wrestler is not just a bad ass on screen but in real life as well. And Becky is living proof of that.

1  1. Sheamus Inspired Her To Come To WWE


Finn Balor and the impact he made on her career has already been mentioned, but it was the Great Irish former World Champion Sheamus that actually inspired Becky to want to join the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

When she arrived in WWE in 2013, she hadn't wrestled in more than five years because of injuries and had instead worked mostly as a manager. She decided that she was going to take the opportunity and make the most of it because Sheamus had proved that Irish people could become Champions in WWE and that was all the motivation that Becky needed to push herself forward. Becky has recently become the first ever SmackDown Women's Champion, so she has perhaps already proved to herself that it was definitely worth signing with WWE.

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Lass Kicker: 15 Things You NEED To Know About Becky Lynch's Personal Life