Latest News On Plans For The Hardys

Will they or won't they? We were asking that question back in the 80s with Sam and Diane, in the 90s with Ross and Rachel and these days the WWE Universe is asking it about The Hardys and the WWE.

Ever since it became official - and even before then - that Jeff and Matt Hardy weren't going to resign with TNA, we have all wanted to know if that meant they would come back to the WWE. And the answer is...

Well, according to Cageside Seats, they are saying that the expectation is that, yes, Jeff and Matt will sign with the WWE.

One other interesting rumor they are reporting is that one of the biggest reasons the Hardys didn't resign with TNA was because they wanted creative control in the new contract and TNA didn't want to give it to them.

Now, if that's true, signing with WWE is an interesting decision since I don't think anyone would ever think that Vince McMahon would give them creative control.

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