Leaked Documents Reveal Vince McMahon's Orders to Announcers


We sure like to complain about WWE's announcing these days - and why wouldn't we, it's bad. However some new documents that have leaked might shed some light on certain issues we fans have with it.

Reddit user KINGJOBBAH posted in subreddit Squared Circle what appear to be instructions/rules from Vince McMahon regarding announcing. The sheets include general guidelines for announcers to follow, what terms to use, what terms not to use, etc...

All nine pages of the documents that were leaked can be found here.

It seems Jim Ross and Mick Foley's claims that Vince hates pronouns as well as the use of the word 'belt' are true. And yes, even the use of the word 'wrestling' is instructed to be kept to a bare minimum or avoided all together.

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