Lewd Love: 15 Wrestling Relationships That Grossed Us Out

Many professional wrestling fans are interested in the real-lives of professional wrestlers. As much as we like to know the ins-and-outs of their lives, I'm sure it makes the wrestler very uncomfortable. One thing fans are interested now are who wrestlers are dating. Some of the more lesser known wrestling relationships include Liv Morgan and Enzo Amore, Dana Brooke and Dolph Ziggler, and Dean Ambrose and Renee Young. Some wrestlers that have their lives completely out there include Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and John Cena, and Rusev and Lana. Rusev and Lana's engagement caused the two to be on the end of an absurd amount of heat. Some couples may come as a surprise to fans. Fans may wonder how in the world they ended up with each other. The question that comes to mind looking at some of these couples is "How does someone like that end up with someone like that"?

Here 15 of the strangest, weirdest, and grossest real-life wrestling relationships.

16 Tommy Dreamer and Beulah McGillicutty 

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Tommy Dreamer met his future-wife Beulah McGillicutty in ECW. At first they were feuding against each other and McGillicutty was on the side of Dreamer's rival Raven. Then Dreamer gave the infamous "I'm hardcore" promo and McGillicutty stuck by his side until The Dudley Boys "broke her neck". The two got married in 2002 after a being together for a few years. McGillicutty had a video meant for Dreamer leak to the internet. The video showed Beulah playing with herself. Beulah makes rare appearances in the wrestling business and even wrote her own children's book. Dreamer on the other hand, wrestles more often than not on the independent scene.

15 Bully Ray and Velvet Sky

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Velvet Sky dated Chris Sabin prior to Bully Ray and had a very public breakup on Twitter. Bully Ray stepped into the picture in 2014 and the first we saw the couple together was during the Ice Bucket Challenge and the two did the challenge together. Many believed Sky would join her boyfriend in WWE when he returned in 2015 but that did not come to fruition. Now that he is no longer with WWE, she often manages him on the independent scene (where he will likely finish his career). The age difference between these two is ten years which is odd considering she was the same age as her ex-boyfriend Sabin. Ray and Sky have been going strong for three years.

14 Blue Meanie and Jasmine St. Claire

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The Blue Meanie is most known for two things. The parody of the nWo in ECW known as the bWo. He also known for having his face deranged by the bully that is JBL at ECW One Night Stand 2005. Something that is a little less known about ECW's version of Scott Hall is that he dated ex-adult film star Jasmine St. Claire. With close to 80 films underneath her belt, it is somewhat surprising that the Meanie would be with such a women. It is also surprising how St. Claire would date someone like the Blue Meanie how is chubby to say the least. Meanie trained St. Claire and she managed him in ECW when he changed his name to the Blue Boy and the two are broken up.

13 The Undertaker and Michelle McCool

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The Undertaker like many popular wrestlers such as Steve Austin and Ric Flair has been married more than once. The Undertaker's most notable marriage was with a woman named Sara. Sara was seen being stalked on WWE television by Diamond Dallas Page and she made several appearances on WWE television. She even picked up a pinfall victory over DDP. The Undertaker had her name tattooed on his throat but the two were divorced. In 2010, Taker married WWE's first ever Diva's Champion Michelle McCool in a wedding that featured many of his contemporaries. The age difference between these two are fifteen years.

12 X-Pac and Chyna

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A relationship that features to people that were once heavily addicted to drugs. According to X-Pac, Triple H tried to warn him about Chyna from prior experiences. Pac paid for it in a dear way. The two filmed an adult movie that really launched Chyna into stardom in that part of the entertainment world. She brought Pac on the Surreal Life to argue with him and things went down him. She blames him for getting her addicted to drugs. Prior to her death, Pac called all kinds of bad things as he still maintained hatred for her. He now feels bad about it as he never got the chance to reconcile with her before her death and make things right.

11 Steve McMichael and Debra

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Steve McMichael and Debra may be one of the more lesser known wrestling couples as they were a wrestler and valet tandem for WCW. McMichael was a former football player who joined WCW as a commentator and later a wrestler and he somehow became a member of the Four Horsemen. He was managed by his real-life wife Debra who made her name after this managing the likes of Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart, and her future real-life husband Steve Austin. The two were married for thirteen years and ended in 1998, the same year she left for the WWE. McMichael ended up divorce once more as her marriage with Steve Austin ended painfully for her.

10 Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne

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Josh Matthews is universally one of the most hated things about professional wrestling. His cockiness, skill as a commentator, and belief that TNA even comes close to WWE has led to him becoming constantly disrespected by all wrestling fans every chance they get. It must sting wrestling fans even more that this professional wrestling reject is married to Madison Rayne. Josh Matthews is married to TNA's flag bearer for the Knockout's Division. Both are coming of divorces and this is their second marriage. Matthews is five years older than Rayne which isn't as bad as some of the others on the list. Since the two have been married, Rayne has gotten a higher position of power in TNA and has begun wrestling less and less.

9 The Sandman and Peaches

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The Sandman managed to make his name ECW despite sub-par wrestling skills. He managed to get himself over by hitting people as hard as possible with a singapore cane, drinking beer and smoking beer during his entrance. Before joining ECW, he married a woman named Lori. Lori managed to look through Sandman being a very heavy alcohol and drug user until 2002 when the two divorced. They had three children together In ECW she would be called Peaches. She joined her husband in ECW and the two originally opposed each other. Towards the end of ECW, she finally joined her husband's side and took an absurd amount of punishment from Rhino which included a Piledriver through a table.

8 Triple H and Chyna

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Triple H as every wrestling fan with a brain knows is married to Stephanie McMahon. Some say it was to get power down the line which he has know, but Triple H will never admit this. Prior to dating and marrying Stephanie McMahon he dated the late Chyna. Triple H was responsible for bringing Chyna to the WWE in 1997. The two dated for a few years until Trips left her for Steph. What happened after this is on of the biggest career spirals in wrestling history. She dated his friend X-Pac and the two filmed an adult film. From there she began to remain in that industry and her drug usage increased. The wrestling world lost Chyna in 2016, a death that Triple H actually acknowledged after years of bad blood.

7 Brock Lesnar and Sable

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Sable was married to Marc Mero, a man who should have been given a better shot in WWE. Sable exceeded Mero's popularity by a ton and she began to become full of herself. Once she left WWE, she remained out of the spotlight until she made her surprising and lackluster return in 2003. When she returned, she met her future husband and current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar and Sable are complete polar opposites. Sable was on Playboy magazine and Lesnar was farm boy and he still is. Somehow, they've managed to stay married for eleven years. With Lesnar back with WWE, it's surprising that Sable hasn't joined the WWE Hall of Fame yet as she was key in helping them succeed in the late 90s.


5 Rusev and Lana

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Looking at Rusev and looking at Lana, is like looking at WWE's version of Beauty and The Beast. Rusev is a hilarious, funny, and hairy monster. Lana on the other hand is the woman most men seek with her blue eyes and long blonde hair. Lana was an actress and model prior to joining WWE. Meanwhile, Rusev trained to become a wrestler under the likes of Gangrel and Rikishi. Rusev's career has been damaged by Lana and has had to deal with much of her heat. Rusev and Lana married in 2016 with two different weddings, both an American and a Bulgarian wedding. WWE is seemingly splitting the two up and having the two go on with their careers separately.

4 Alberto Del Rio and Paige

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Paige was the original woman that was supposed to spearhead the Women's Revolution. Many fans saw Paige's wrestling ability prior to her joining WWE and saw that she was different from all of the other women wrestlers at the time. She put on great matches in NXT against Emma and fans never really saw great women's wrestling matches at the time. So what did Paige do with her unique talent and ability? She through it all away with suspensions and scandals. She began dating WWE's number one rival Alberto Del Rio in 2016 while he was still married. It is believed that he is responsible for her first suspension. They age difference is fourteen years and with the ways things are looking, Paige has chosen him over a career in the WWE.

3 Jerry Lawler and The Kat

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Jerry Lawler has a very uncomfortable past when it comes to women. In 1993, Lawler was indicted on charges of sexually assaulting a 15-year old girl. Although he was cleared of all charges, it is not hard to believe that this could be true. Lawler married professional wrestler The Kat in 2000 and is responsible for her joining the WWE. Unfortunately for The Kat, she was a horrible wrestler. The age difference between these two are the highest of any on the list. The Kat is now 46 year old and Lawler is 67. Lawler left the company in 2001 when his wife was released. During the time he was gone, the two got a divorce and Lawler returned to the company later in the year.

2 New Jack and Terri

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New Jack is arguably the most insane wrestler to ever exist. While insane, he was very entertaining at what he did. Terri fell out of the spotlight in WWE after her on-screen and off-screen relationship with Goldust concluded. She stuck around until 2004 and did nothing of real significance. Both New Jack and Terri became an item in 2009 in one of the more shocking wrestling couples. New Jack referred to Runnels as his first love. According to New Jack, Terri was into weird things in the bedroom. When the relationship took a turn for the worst, New Jack began selling nude pictures of Runnels. When a judge ordered him to stop he did and the two went they're separate ways.

1 Chris Candido and Sunny

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Sunny is now seen as what not to do in the wrestling business. Everything she's done resulted in the situation she's in now. She was married to Chris Candido who was an outstanding professional wrestler. Sunny cheated on him multiple times and the world will never know if he was aware as he passed away in 2005 at the young age of 33. Sunny was a pill addict back in her day and now she's developed a new habit. That habit is getting arrested. Sunny's been arrested six times since 2012 and has done some time in prison. Since then, she has filmed her own adult film. She does Skype shows for people desperate enough to pay for it and hopefully soon she can get the help she needs.

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