Life After Vince: 8 Wrestlers Triple H Will Push (And 7 Who’ll Get Buried)

Love him or hate him, when it comes to Vince McMahon it's hard not to respect him. WWE's Chairman has shaped professional wrestling into what we know it as today, and without him who knows what the product would be like right now. Vince risked it all back in 1985 to stage the first ever WrestleMania, and fast forward 30 years the event is a worldwide phenomenon akin to the Super Bowl. McMahon is also responsible, at least in part, for most of the biggest stars the business has ever produced. Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, The Rock, John Cena, Vince has had a big hand in all of their careers. The WWE chairman is in his 70s now though and despite what he may have you believe, he can't live forever.

Sometime in the not-so-distant future Vince McMahon will have to reluctantly hand over the reigns to his beloved company, or perhaps the more likely event that he remains in charge until he passes away. Either way the question remains, who will be in charge then? Well it seems almost nailed on that Vince's son-in-law Triple H will be the chosen one. The Game has apparently shown an interest in the business side of things the whole time he's been with WWE, plus has done incredible work with NXT. Needless to say the WWE landscape will likely be very different with Triple H in charge as opposed to Vince McMahon, with the main difference being which Superstars get pushed, and we'll undoubtedly see some of Vince's chosen Superstars fall by the way side.

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17 Push: Cesaro

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There are very few Superstars currently under WWE's employ that the fans have been waiting to be given a crack at the big time quite as long as Cesaro. The Swiss Cyborg has been a part of the company for a fair few years now and is unquestionably talented, but for some reason has never been able to rise above WWE's mid card. Cesaro has been a United States Champion and is currently a Raw Tag Team Champion alongside Irishman Sheamus, but while Vince McMahon is in charge it seems like that'll be the European's lot in WWE. Triple H has proved via his work in NXT that he listens to the fans, so with The Game in charge you would have to imagine Cesaro would finally be given the opportunity to grab one of those elusive brass rings.

16 Bury: Sheamus

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Cesaro's current tag team partner may not fair as well under a regime headed up by Triple H however. Sheamus has been with WWE for even longer than Cesaro and Vince McMahon has attempted to make the Celtic Warrior the next big thing multiple times during his WWE tenure but not had much luck. The Irishman has actually been a World Champion an impressive five times, but sadly for Sheamus none of those occasions have really sparked much interest from the fans. It's why he now finds himself alongside Cesaro in the tag division. Despite their success as a team I can imagine Triple H splitting the two up once he's in charge so that he can shoot Cesaro to the moon while Sheamus falls by the way side.

15 Push: Asuka

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The continued growth of NXT over the past few years has very much altered the landscape of WWE. Although it is very much the company's third brand now behind Raw and SmackDown Live, NXT's main focus is to develop talent and prepare them for the main roster. Regardless of how long you've been a wrestler or where you've been before, when you arrive in NXT you start from the bottom. Some Superstars sometimes stay there inexplicably longer than others, and currently one of those stars is Asuka. The NXT Women's Champion is still unbeaten in NXT despite making her debut almost two years ago now. Fans are itching to see her move on up but it feels like Triple H may be a little reluctant to see what Vince McMahon has planned for her so is holding off for as long as possible.

14 Bury: Naomi

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The main reason fans are so keen to see Asuka on Raw or SmackDown Live is because WWE's women's roster is currently more stacked with talent than it ever has been before. Most of those Superstars have journeyed through NXT and are products of Triple H's tutelage. One woman who is not a product of the women's revolution is current SmackDown Women's Champion, Naomi. The leader of the Glow Movement began life as a Funkadactyl and has evolved into a professional wrestler. That being said, Naomi is still a little out of her depth compared to some of her peers. She may be champ at the moment but clearly that's because Vince sees dollar signs whenever she makes her impressive entrance. Naomi will need to be more than just that if she wants to survive in the Triple H era.

13 Push: Pete Dunne

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Triple H seems to be spinning an awful lot of plates at once, which is why most believe he will be the one to take the reigns at WWE once Vince McMahon has passed away or retires. NXT, the Cruiserweight Classic, and he continues to keep WWE very involved in the UK scene. One man The Game has taken a particular interest in since the United Kingdom Championship tournament earlier this year is Pete Dunne. It's why the Bruiserweight is currently the WWE UK Champion. Dunne was the stand out star in the crop of wrestlers that competed in the tournament and Triple H has openly discussed how impressed he is with the Brit via social media. If it were up to The Game I think Dunne would already be a permanent fixture on some form of WWE television.

12 Bury: Chris Jericho

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Triple H is clearly a fan of young and upcoming talent. Surprising really considering how often he inserts himself into major feuds rather than a newer Superstar. That coupled with his long and storied dislike of Chris Jericho will likely spell the end for Y2J once Vince McMahon is no longer in charge. The self-proclaimed Greatest Of All Time has been rolling back the years as of late and has actually helped greatly in elevating some of the talent that Triple H has brought in. Nevertheless it would be highly likely Chris would be surplus to requirements in The Game's WWE. The Cerebral Assassin will want to make the company and the roster his own once he's in charge and will likely take great pleasure in telling Jericho that he is not a part of that vision.

11 Push: Finn Balor

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When a Superstar becomes a fan favorite in NXT we're all left biting our nails when it comes to how Vince is going to use them once they have to leave Full Sail. There are certain talents that we universally agree Mr McMahon couldn't possibly screw up, and one of those talents was Finn Balor. Finn may be small and not fit Vince's mold, but his charisma and aura could not be ignored. To begin with it was great. Balor beat Roman Reigns on his first night on Raw and was Universal Champion a month later. The Irishman was then sidelined for a ling time via injury and since his return has been floundering somewhat. The big men are currently topping the card and it may take Triple H's input to help Finn return to the championship picture.

10 Bury: JBL

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One of the biggest WWE scandals of 2017 so far was the sudden disappearance of Mauro Ranallo from the SmackDown Live announce team. It was eventually revealed that Mauro was suffering from depression and had been for a while. Then more details began to become clear and that it was actually fellow announcer, John Bradshaw Layfield, allegedly bullying Ranallo that led to the flare up of his depression. Fans called for JBL to be sacked but it soon became clear that the behavior he apparently exhibited toward Mauro was common place and he's been doing it to others for 20 years. Despite Triple H being around that whole time his re-hiring of Ranallo to WWE and placing him at his NXT announce desk would suggest he is a bigger fan of Mauro's than JBL's.


8 Push: Bayley

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What Triple H does want from his WWE women is exactly what Bayley has. Raw's Resdient Hugger is fully invested in her wrestling career and with the right guidance can be the number one fan favorite in the company. Much like Finn Balor, Bayley was an NXT Superstar that fans thought would be safe in Vince McMahon's hands and impossible to ruin. Sadly Vince has proved us wrong on that one. It's hard to pin point exactly what has gone wrong but since arriving on Raw Bayley's stock has continued to drop despite having a short reign as Monday night's Women's Champion. Triple H unquestionably knows what to do when it comes to Bayley, and once he's in charge will get her back to the lofty status that we all imagined her occupying.

7 Bury: Elias Samson

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Someone Triple H seemingly couldn't work his magic with while in NXT was Elias Samson. The Drifter spent a while in developmental but didn't really get anywhere. Then his stay in Orlando came to an end when he lost a loser leaves NXT match against Kassius Ohno. I don't think I'd be remiss for saying that many fans were pleased to see him go, or at least indifferent about his departure. Then a short while later he started to appear on Raw, firstly in the background until eventually he became a mainstay on the roster. Now he competes for Vince McMahon's flagship brand more or less every single week. Not an opportunity Samson will be afforded under Triple H methinks.

6 Push: Sami Zayn

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Sami Zayn is without a doubt one of the best professional wrestlers on the planet right now. It was a great acquisition for Triple H when he recruited him at NXT, hence the Canadian becoming NXT Champion during his stay there. He also played a key part in what was maybe the best match we've seen from Shinsuke Nakamura before heading up to the main roster permanently. Which begs the question, what doesn't Vince McMahon see in Sami Zayn? The Underdog leaves it all in the ring each and every time he competes, but clearly something isn't quite there with Zayn for the boss. Sami doesn't have any title reign to his name post-NXT, let alone a World Championship. I can only imagine it would be a matter of less than a year before he's awarded that crown when Triple H is the boss.

5 Bury: Jinder Mahal

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All these huge Superstars from outside of WWE being signed by Triple H such as Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Hideo Itami, yet as I type the WWE Champion is former 3MB member Jinder Mahal. You could have given me 50 guesses at who would be WWE Champion today a year ago and I still wouldn't have guessed Jinder, yet here we are. The play here is obviously to help Vince McMahon and WWE break further into the Indian market by having a man with their heritage holding on to the company's top prize. Meanwhile however much of the rest of the world is left scratching their heads and waiting for it to end. Well we may be in for a bit more of it yet, and needless to say it's highly unlikely that we would be in this situation if Triple H were already in charge.

4 Push: Roman Reigns

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No you have not read that wrong, and no I have not gotten mixed up and placed Roman Reigns on the wrong side of this list. Roman Reigns is being pushed beyond belief by Vince McMahon. His relentless attempts to turn Reigns into WWE's next top guy are astounding. However there are rumors that Mr McMahon actually wanted to let up on Roman's eternal push but was talked out of doing so by Triple H. In fact there are numerous murmurings out there that Vince is not to blame for Reigns being forced down our throats. Originally Reigns wasn't supposed to be in The Shield, a slot allegedly ear marked for Kassius Ohno, then Vince apparently wanted to push Big E to the moon rather than Roman. Last but not least at WrestleMania 32 The Game supposedly convinced Vince to let him and Reigns headline. McMahon may like The Big Dog but a lot of evidence points to Triple H liking him a whole lot more.

3 Bury: Nikki Bella

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We've touched on the women of WWE briefly, and another that I can't imagine will survive the chop if and when Triple H is in charge is Nikki Bella. The former Diva's Champion is already only half-interested in the company, and considering her fellow females currently on the roster and the amount of full time work they put in there simply wouldn't be a place for Nikki in The Game's eyes. Bella has unquestionably upped her game since the women's revolution came into play but along with her fiancee, John Cena, has become somewhat of a part timer. If Nikki were to dedicate 100% of her time and effort to being a wrestler then I'm sure Triple H may reconsider, but as of right now she is being kept around to sell Total Divas and that will likely not be a good enough reason to keep her under WWE's emply for Triple H.


1 Push: Shinsuke Nakamura

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WWE doesn't have the best record when it comes to correctly booking foreign talent. That's why Shinsuke Nakamura's arrival on the main roster was feared by fans. The man has more charisma than pretty much anyone else he currently shares a locker room with, but there was a worry among the fans that all Vince McMahon would see is some Japanese guy. In all fairness in the four months Nakamura has been on SmackDown Live it has been somewhere between those two extremes. The King of Strong Style is on his way to a WWE Championship match at SummerSlam, but who knows how that might pan out. If Triple H were in charge Nakamura would have been booked as an unbeatable Superstar, but as of right now Shinsuke has lost a fair bit of the momentum he had when he arrived two nights after WrestleMania 33.

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