Lio Rush Debuts In NXT

For years now, Ring of Honor has been somewhat of a feeder company to the WWE (whether they like it or not). Some of WWE’s top stars like CM Punk, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Daniel Bryan have all come through there, and it doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. We have already seen the debuts of Roderick Strong, Adam Cole, and ReDragon over the past year, and recently, WWE announced the signing of two very promising young performers in Lio Rush and Donovan Dijak. The two young stars came to prominence because of ROH’s ‘Top Prospect’ tournament, with Dijak winning in 2015 followed by Rush in 2016, and it looked like ROH had some future stars on their hands, but yet again, WWE and NXT won out.


We haven’t heard much about these guys since WWE announced their signings, but we assumed they could debut in NXT at any point in time, and that’s what has just happened. Lio Rush debuting at the latest set of tapings, and even being billed as Lio Rush. That might not come as a surprise to many, but there were rumors floating around not too long ago that WWE were looking to rename most of the performers that came into the company, but with Cole and ReDragon retaining their names, Rush got to do the same.

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We aren’t going to spoil what happened during that taping, or even how his debut went (but there are plenty of spoilers out there if you do want to read the full rundown of those tapings), but Rush got a fantastic reception, and should be a huge star in the WWE in no time. With dream matches against the likes of Andrade “Cien” Almas, Johnny Gargano, Aleister Black, Roderick Strong, Adam Cole, and even Drew McIntyre awaiting, the young, high-flying Rush will breathe new life into the NXT roster, similar to what The Undisputed have done over the last several shows.


As for Dijak, it’s expected that he will be coming very soon, and if he debuts at NXT Takeover: Houston, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to too many people, but it’s very interesting to see what he will do with his name upon arrival.

There you have it guys, Lio Rush is officially in NXT, and it’s likely to be aired this week or next, so give us your thoughts. Are you a fan of Rush, and excited for the young high-fliers debut? Do you not know who he is? Could you not care less? Let us know your thoughts on everything Lio Rush related, and how you think he will fare in the WWE’s developmental promotion.

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