This Week's NXT Kicked Off With A Major Title Change

NXT kicked off with a Cruiserweight Title match which saw Lio Rush win the championship from Drew Gulak.

As WWE continues to reshuffle its loaded deck of shows, the fate of 205 Live remains uncertain. As it stands, it seems as if WWE is slowly doing with the cruiserweights what it should have done from day one. Merge the division with the NXT roster and have the cruiserweights compete in front of a Full Sail crowd who will actually appreciate what they're doing.

Signs that 205 Live is moving to Full Sail have already started to show. During NXT's very first week on the USA Network, Lio Rush returned and earned himself a shot at the Cruiserweight Title in a number one contender's match. This past Wednesday night on NXT TV, Rush cashed in that shot as he and Drew Gualk did battle in the night's opening match.

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It didn't take long to realize why NXT is a far better home for the cruiserweights than the hour after SmackDown. Rush and Gulak were given a warm welcome and the in-house crowd, plus the fans at home if you're anything like us, was hooked from bell to bell. The already terrific match was made even better when it ended with what we would dub a surprising title change.

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Rush looked done for at one point after being caught in Gulak's Gu-Lock, but managed to break free. He then began to build momentum until finishing off the now-former champion with The Final Hour. After the match, a recovering Gulak snatched the title from William Regal and handed it to Rush himself in what was an uncharacteristic gesture from the 205 Live star.

Aside from the fact the Cruiserweight Title has now changed hands on NXT TV, the championship's name has even been altered. It is now called the NXT Cruiserweight Title. If that isn't enough proof that 205 Live is for the chopping block, we don't know what is. We think the switch is for the best, as is Rush as champion. The new champ has been demonstrating exactly what WWE has been missing out on while he was on the sidelines, and acting as Bobby Lashley's manager before that.

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