Lio Rush Removes WWE Mentions On Twitter, Strange Tweets Follow

Lio Rush has removed all mentions of WWE from his Twitter handle and also changed his hometown from Orlando back to Baltimore.

Not so long ago, new NXT signing Lio Rush landed himself in hot water. Following the release of Emma from WWE, Rush tweeted words to the effect that this is what happens to people who truly aren't ready for Asuka. Emma's final two matches in WWE were against The Empress of Tomorrow and clearly, that's what inspired the NXT star's untactful tweet.

Naturally, the poorly thought out tweet garnered a lot of backlash from Superstars throughout WWE. It's the sort of thing that nobody should tweet—as a joke or otherwise—let alone someone who has only been with the company for a little more than a cup of coffee. It has damaged Rush's position in the company before he even managed to get his career underway.


At first, it appeared that Rush received a slap on the wrist from the powers that be at NXT and was just told to keep his head down for a while. Well, now it would seem he may suffer a more severe punishment. At some point this week, Rush altered his Twitter account removing all mentions of WWE from his name. He has also changed his hometown from NXT's home of Orlando back to where he hailed from before he signed with WWE, Baltimore.

The removal of WWE from his Twitter handle was coupled with two cryptic tweets. During the early hours of Thursday morning, Rush tweeted the word reflection in all caps, then, 12 hours later simply tweeted an emoji of an hourglass. Both tweets would suggest that either his short time with NXT has already come to an end, or it will do within the next day or two.


Lio Rush is extremely young, just 23 years old, so it's expected that he's going to make mistakes, we all did when we were young. Unfortunately for Rush though, his mistake has come at a very inopportune time and in a very public forum. It was a stupid thing to tweet and he likely realized that shortly after he did it. Judging by the removal of any mention of WWE from his Twitter account this week though it appears to be a mistake that is going to cost him.

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