Lita's Emotional Interview Moments Before The Royal Rumble [Video]

As wrestling fans most of us often fantasize about dream matches. Superstars from different eras clashing in the ring, most of which we know will likely never happen. The Undertaker versus Sting, Stone Cold taking on CM Punk. Dream bouts that will only ever exist within the realms of our own imagination.

With the women that are currently wowing crowds on Raw and SmackDown Live there are naturally a few past stars that we would love to see them go up against. Hall of Famers such as Lita and Beth Phoenix who paved the way for them. Well at the Royal Rumble we got a little taste of that as numerous stars from the past returned to take part in the match.


One returning woman who was particularly impressive was Lita. The four time Women's Champion entered the Rumble at number five and ran roughshod while she was in there. Before the match though WWE cameras caught up with Lita and Bayley who were sitting on the apron of a training ring together and asked about what the first ever women's Royal Rumble means to them.

The interviewer started things off by embarrassing Bayley quite a bit. Raw's Resident Hugger was reminded that she has often cited Lita as being an inspiration for why she got into wrestling in the first place, and Lita added that Bayley's parents had told her that too. The former Team Extreme member then struggled to hold back tears as she talked about former stars like Luna Vachon and Chyna who had helped build to that moment but weren't around to see it happen. That's why she had their names plus so many others written on her forearm during the match.


Seeing WWE's women from the past clash with those who are competing full time now really was something special. A lot of them like Lita and Trish Stratus looked as if they haven't missed a step too. Perhaps on the back of their performances we could see some of them return to the squared circle for a few more matches in the near future.

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