RUMOR: WWE Contacted 3 MAJOR Former Stars For Female Royal Rumble

Apparently, the first ever female Royal Rumble match will be made up of 30 competitors, and to fill out those spots, WWE is contacting former stars.

It's happening. There is going to be an all-female Royal Rumble match for the first time in WWE history. That we know for certain, but when it comes to all of the history-making match's finer details we are still somewhat in the dark. That includes questions like many women will be in the match to what championship the winner will get a shot at.

We are beginning to find out some of the women that will be competing in the match. Naomi was the first woman to declare herself as a participant, and since then, Asuka and Ruby Riott have also added themselves to the mix. If the rumors that the match will have 30 participants, however, every active woman on Raw and SmackDown Live will be needed for the match, and even then without the two champions there are only 19 of them.


What that means is women from WWE's past are going to need to be called upon. Let's be honest, that was always going to be a given. Every former female Superstar who can still be thrown out of a ring is likely eagerly waiting for their phone to ring. Any number of women could get that call, but according to PWStream the three women that have apparently been contacted so far are Lita, Kelly Kelly, and Beth Phoenix.

It would be crazy to not have Lita involved in the match. The WWE Hall of Famer still works for the company on a part-time basis appearing on kick off shows, and she also acted as the color commentator for this past summer's Mae Young Classic. There have been rumors that Kelly Kelly has been eager to make a come back for the past year or so, plus Phoenix is one of the only women to ever compete in the regular Royal Rumble match, so she would be a great addition to the over the top rope bout.


Of all the women's firsts that have taken place over the past few years, this one may be the most eagerly anticipated. There really is nothing else like the Royal Rumble match on WWE's calendar and now we are going to get two in the same night. The number of alumni and legends WWE could potentially bring back is a big one and it will be very exciting to see who answers the call. Here's hoping they keep some of them as surprises right up until the clock times out and they come through the curtain.

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