Liv Morgan Sheds Light On Why She And Enzo Amore Broke Up

Enzo Amore and NXT's Liv Morgan were an item. It wasn't a relationship the WWE promoted, and unless you were looking, you probably wouldn't have known. But, now that you've been let in on this little secret, don't get used to the idea of seeing these two lovebirds together.

If you read between the lines of a recent post on social media, Enzo wasn't exactly faithful after being called up to the main roster, and Morgan stayed back on NXT. According to a Twitter post, Morgan is relieved too. Not fond of being cheated on, her post shows her enjoying the single life and the feeling that she no longer has to watch over her shoulder.


If you add this news to the continued information that continues to pile on top of Enzo's heat in the WWE, one has to wonder what exactly Amore is thinking. Morgan is one of the most attractive women in NXT, and the WWE, for that matter. Amore cheating on her is just more proof that he's gotten out of control with his antics, and while it likely won't affect his standing within the company, it's hard to imagine him lining up another girlfriend who matches Morgan on the hotness scale.

Perhaps this isn't about Morgan at all. With the amount of money that Enzo has been spending on shoes, clothing, and tickets to see Floyd Mayweather fight Conor McGregor, perhaps having a girlfriend at all was too big of an expense.

We also don't know that this Tweet is definitively about Amore. She doesn't use his name directly, and it's possible their breakup is now old news to the wrestlers in the back, but it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to put the pieces together here. Amore is quickly becoming hated by many in the WWE. A move like this would only make sense considering what else he's already allegedly done.

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