Is Liv Morgan Already Moving On From Enzo Amore?

It appears that Liv Morgan and Enzo Amore's relationship is over, but the NXT Superstar may be in the process of moving on already.

Shockingly, especially considering half of it was made up of Enzo Amore, the relationship between him and NXT Superstar Liv Morgan was one that was kept under the radar for the most part. Yes, most fans of the business knew about it, but it was through deduction, and they weren't a couple that rubbed their comings and goings in people's faces.

The relationship between Morgan and Amore sadly come to an end, however. There were rumors swirling over the weekend that the pair split, and on Saturday Morgan effectively confirmed the news to be true by sending out a tweet. The post featured a gif. of herself with the caption "Me knowing that i'm single and nobody cheating on me."


With that being said, if Morgan's tweets are true, then those back stage who already don't like Amore now have another reason to dislike Muscles Marinara. It's not all doom and gloom for Morgan, however. It would appear that the New Jersey native already has an admirer, and it's someone else who is under the WWE umbrella—Tyler Bate. The first ever United Kingdom Champion tweeted "I like your face" to Morgan in response to her tweeting him "I like your shirt."

To say that Amore isn't the most liked man in WWE right now would quite rightly be an understatement. If the rumors are true then Amore doesn't exactly have many fans in the locker room as of late with a domino effect that began when he was allegedly thrown off of a tour bus by Roman Reigns. Many of the women on the main roster are NXT alumni who will have worked with Morgan in the past, so the likelihood of Amore being disliked even more back stage at WWE may have increased slightly over the weekend.


To say that Tyler Bate and Liv Morgan are headed towards being an item would be a leap at this point. The timing of the tweets is pretty coincidental though. Needless to say, dating the British Bate would probably be a far different experience than being on the arm of Enzo Amore.

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