Liv Morgan Paraphrases Conor McGregor In Twitter Tirade

Liv Morgan is making her intentions known after invading SmackDown Live along with Sarah Logan and Ruby Riot last week.

A number of now former NXT Superstars certainly made a statement on both Raw and SmackDown Live last week. Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan, Ruby Riot, Sonya Deville, and Mandy Rose all joined the main roster and attacked many of the women already on the roster. It came as a big shock and has been the talking point of WWE for the past week.

There have been two topics of discussion since the attacks happened. Why WWE selected the five women that they went with, and what's next for the quintet on their respective shows? That will obviously become a lot clearer this week and one woman with big plans on her mind is SmackDown Live's Liv Morgan.


On Monday morning Morgan tweeted words akin to those once uttered by one Conor McGregor, certainly a good idol to follow in the footsteps of when it comes to fighting your way to the top. Liv tweeted that she loves her team of Ruby Riot and Sarah Logan before adding 'we’re not here to take part... we’re here to .. well, you know the rest' as well as tweeting 'I came to knock people out .. of my way to the top'.

The reason that some have been questioning WWE's choice to call up Liv Morgan and the rest of the women who invaded the main roster is because most of them haven't exactly been featured prominently in NXT. Morgan herself has only really played a bit part role at Full Sail yet now finds herself front and center on SmackDown Live. Meanwhile the likes of Peyton Royce and Nikki Cross who have been major players in NXT remain there still awaiting their main roster call ups.


Whether Liv and the other NXT women were the right Superstars to call up or not is neither here nor there as irregardless as the angle has caused quite a stir. What's more is that on SmackDown Live the focus is purely on Liv, Ruby and Sarah as they don't have an established returning star like Paige stealing a lot of the limelight. Here's hoping that Morgan can ascend to the top of WWE as quickly and successfully as Conor McGregor did in UFC.

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Liv Morgan Paraphrases Conor McGregor In Twitter Tirade