Liv Morgan Gets Ruthless After Nia Jax And Alexa Bliss Tag Team Her On Twitter

Liv Morgan looked remarkably like a certain Raw Superstar on SmackDown Live this week, and it didn't go unnoticed by the woman in question.

Both Raw and SmackDown Live were recently both subject to an influx of new female Superstars. At the time, it was unclear as to why so many NXT wrestlers were called up all at once but an announcement soon after explained the probable thought process behind the call-ups. At the end of this month, WWE will stage its first ever all female Royal Rumble match, and they need as many women as possible in order to fill those 30 spots.

Paige was accompanied by Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville on Raw while Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan joined the ranks of SmackDown Live. WWE creative weren't exactly inventive when it came to setting the two trios apart. Not only did the respective new female factions look extremely similar, but they have basically been carrying out the same angles ever since.

The groups of women haven't only been mimicking each other though. The newer women have clearly been taking inspiration from their new colleagues and this week Alexa Bliss picked up on that. Liv Morgan had pink in her pigtails on SmackDown Live, something the Raw Women's Champion has very much made a part of her previously unique look.



Bliss took to Twitter and tweeted 'Pink pigtails ... where have I seen that before ?'. The Goddess of WWE's real-life best friend and Total Divas co-star was quick to back her up too, replying that imitation is bound to happen when someone is at the top of their game and to let Morgan 'have the scraps'. Morgan has since replied to both women claiming that her pigtails were actually purple and that Jax is the one who wants her scraps.

Seems like things are heating up between women on opposite brands heading towards the first ever female Royal Rumble match. As it stands though Morgan and Bliss won't meet in the matchup since Five Feet of Fury is currently one of the two Women's Champions. The Riott Squad member might want to reign it in when it comes to winding up Nia Jax though, that is not somebody you want gunning for you in a match where being thrown over the top rope means your night is over.

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