London Calling: The 5 Best And 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE (May 11th, 2017)

Halfway through their European tour, RAW and SmackDown made a couple of pit stops in England. Like most episodes featured across the pond, nothing truly spectacular stood out but nothing truly bad either. SmackDown continued its slow and steady build to Backlash while RAW had Dean Ambrose and The Miz take over the General Manager's responsibilities because apparently Kurt Angle can't make matches from home.

Here are the five best and five worst moments this week in WWE.

10. WORST - Another Long Winded RAW Open

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I get it. Sometimes we need a nice promo to start the show, but does it have to happen pretty much every single week? Let's have actual wrestling at the start of the show some more. Kick things off with a bang, ya know? And, blah, I hate to say it but Dean Ambrose isn't all that funny.

9. BEST - Breezango

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The Fashion Files have been much more entertaining than they probably should be, but that's because Fandango and Tyler Breeze are finally getting their shot. Tyler Breeze has been devastatingly under-utilized since being called up to the main roster, and hopefully his partnership with Fandango actually leads to bigger and better opportunities.

8. WORST - Another Long Winded SmackDown Open

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Although SmackDown's opening wasn't as tough to sit through compared to RAW's seeing how it had vastly superior writing, it was still the same promo we've seen over and over. A wrestler comes out, says his beef, another wrestler comes out, says his beef, and so forth and so forth all for an excuse to set up a Six Man Tag Team match for the main event.

7. BEST - SmackDown Women's Division

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Charlotte has reluctantly decided to pair up with Women's Champion Naomi as well as Becky Lynch to try and sweep the Welcoming Committee (Natalya, Tamina, and Carmella) under the rug in order to get back in the hunt for the title. At Backlash, there will be a Six Woman Tag Team match Charlotte and Becky will have to win in order to be considered the top contenders for that gorgeous blue belt. Even after the shakeup, I'm still much more interested in the SmackDown women's division than I am of RAW's.

6. WORST - More Of The Same With Ziggler/Nakamura

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This was one of the better promos between these two so far, but still a little lackluster and uninspired. Can't we see Ziggler finally outsmart Nakamura with his devilish ways and beat him down to pump us up some more for their eventual showdown come Backlash? At this point, who actually thinks Ziggler stands a chance?

5. BEST - SmackDown Six Man Tag Main Event

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You can't go wrong with a main event featuring AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens (*cough* oh yeah and Jinder Mahal and Baron Corbin too *cough*). A fine match which among the chaos lead to Jinder Mahal sneaking behind Orton and nailing him with his finisher to score the pin. This is the victory Mahal needed. Will he be able to defeat Randy Orton come Backlash too? Lol, and yes that's a serious question.

4. WORST - Stupid Referee

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Sasha Banks took on Alicia Fox and defeated her in a few minutes. I'm not sure what WWE is doing with Fox as they never manage to let her survive longer than a few minutes and it's a crying shame. That's besides the point though. Fox had her shoulder up when Banks hooked her legs for the pin but the referee failed to actually do his job so she lost.

Rematch next week? #GiveAliciaFoxAChance?

3. BEST - Strowman and Reigns Clash

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Roman Reigns returned to a resounding amount of boos to destroy Braun Strowman's already injured shoulder even further. Whether you boo "the guy" or not, Roman Reigns has brought much more intensity into his work lately and he's slowly growing on me.

He's still my least favorite wrestler though, don't worry.

Sadly for Strowman, rumours suggest the monster injured his elbow for real so he may be out for 4-8 weeks right in the middle of his push. Strangely, this makes more sense for the storyline so he should be fine. Braun injured Roman, so Roman got his just desserts.

2. WORST - Finn Balor Fails To Exact Revenge

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After Bray Wyatt cost Finn Balor his Intercontinental Championship opportunity last week, you think he would come out and exact revenge or at the very least respond, but we got nada. RAW ended on a boring note, and I'm not quite sure why. Where's the follow through? Aren't stories supposed to progress? Wouldn't it have been cool had Balor come out in demon form to challenge Wyatt?

1. BEST - Tag Team Turmoil

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A good chunk of the show was dedicated to the tag team division and it was the best RAW had to offer. A Tag Team Turmoil match had every team fight each other gauntlet style to determine who would be next in line to challenge The Hardy Boyz for the RAW Championships. Yes, having Cesaro and Sheamus defeat every other team on the roster might not have actually did the division any favors, but I think it worked here. Sheamus is a former World Champion and Cesaro should be a World Champion, so it makes sense.

And good for Goldust and R-Truth for finally getting some direction.

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