Long-Time WWE Superstar Set To Retire In 2018?

The Big Show has been one of Vince McMahon's favourite Superstars since he bolted the rival WCW promotion nearly two decades ago. The World's Largest Athlete has been a big draw to some, but age and limited mobility have had some fans wondering when WWE would finally cut ties with him.

Well, Big Show provided answers after doing an interview with Yahoo Sports! (via WrestleZone's Nick Paglino).

When asked how much longer he plans to Wrestle, Big Show said his full-time contract ends next February. He'd be happy to stay on in an ambassador role, saying he understands that it's time to make room for the new guys.

It appears as though Big Show is one of the few wrestling legends who understands the business and when it's time to go. Let's just hope he ends his WWE career on a high note.

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