Lost Love: Top 15 Forgotten Wrestling Couples

The concept of a professional wrestling couple is often missed nowadays. Aside from The Miz and Maryse, no other couples in the WWE have a major impact. For those questioning about Rusev and Lana, Lana doesn't do anything in their pairing. Back in the Golden Age, no one was more polarizing than "Macho Man" Randy Savage. However, his then real-life wife Elizabeth did a ton to help the character of the Macho Man. During the Attitude Era, there was Triple H and Chyna. Chyna helped Triple H's character dramatically by helping him win his matches and furthering his character of being a coward and eventually, Stephanie McMahon did the same for him. During the PG Era, Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler were a tremendous pairing. Although Dolph never needed a mouthpiece, she did a really good job at getting Ziggler over. However, this list is dedicated to those pairings who aren't so memorable and are forgotten by many wrestling fans. These pairings either had incredibly short life span or never accomplished much. Some of these pairings were good, and some pairings well...sucked.

Here are professional wrestling's 15 forgotten valet and superstar pairings.

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16 Lita and Danny Doring

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ECW's own Danny Doring makes the list. Doring is most famous for his tag team with the "Angry Amish Warrior" Roadkill. The team formed in 1997 and were the final Tag Team Champions for the organization. Doring had a gimmick of being a chick magnet. The name of some of his moves included the G-Spot Sweet, the Panty Dropper, and the Pearl Necklace. Yes, lewd indeed. At ECW Heat Wave 1999, he and Roadkill appeared with woman known as Miss Congeniality. That woman later became WWE Hall of Famer Lita. At that show Doring proposed to her before the match and took a bump during the match. Lita would make a few more appearances for ECW before leaving for the WWE in 2000, and moving on to superstardom.

15 Fluff Dupp and The Dupps

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I would be remiss if I didn't say that Dupps were awesome. They were your typical Southern, beer swilling, hillbilly tandem. They would chew chewing tobacco and do other Southern stereotypes. Bo Dupp and Stan Dupp wrestled for WWE, TNA, and ECW during the early 2000s. When they made they're way to TNA in 2002, they were joined by their cousin and manager Fluff Dupp, a character played by a woman named Seven Briggs. Fluff would wear very revealing clothes to go in part with the gimmick. Also to go along with the gimmick, they would insinuate that they were in an incestuous relationship. To go on with most of the talent around at that time, The Dupps would not last very long in TNA.

14 Pretty Mean Sisters and Meat

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Pretty Mean Sisters or P.M.S were a women's stable made up of Terri Runnels, Jacqueline, and Ryan Shamrock. They mainly feuded with Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown. After Terri Runnels had a miscarriage during her fake pregnancy, the promising group floundered until May of 1999. They added the son of WWE Hall of Famer Stan Stasiak to their group. But instead of him using his actual name, he was given the name Meat...because he was nothing more than a piece of meat for the ladies. In kayfabe, Meat was forced to have sex with the ladies. So in short, he was a sex slave. The group ended after Jacqueline became jealous of Terri and Meat's constant sex. The jury is still out on whether or not this is worse than Stasiak being buffoon during The Alliance.

13 Ryan Shamrock and Val Venis

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It is amazing that this is Val Venis' only appearance on the list since his gimmick was that of an adult film star. But in early 1999, Venis began a feud with Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock. The feud started after Venis made a film very personal to Shamrock. In the film, it starred Shamrock's "sister" and P.M.S. member Ryan Shamrock. The film was appropriately titled "Shaving Ryan's Privates", a play on the legendary movie Saving Private Ryan. When they fought for the Championship, Venis was the victor and won his first singles championship. Suddenly Venis dumped Shamrock, and dropped the Intercontinental Championship only after a month of holding it to the Road Dogg. This relationship showed the direction of the Attitude Era as it pushed the envelop.

12 Nidia and Jamie Noble

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Jamie Noble was on fire in the Cruiserweight Divison in early 2002. It was an incredibly entertaining character and Nidia only added fuel to the character. Their gimmick similar to Heath Slater, was that the two were typical Southerners. They lived in a trailer park as well. The two had a scene with then couple Torrie Wilson and Billy Gunn. In scene, we were supposed to assume that were having a foursome. The duo came to an end when Nidia became blind after being misted by Tajiri. While she was blind, Noble would use her as a shield. Nidia would eventually realize and breake up with Noble. The two had a Blindfolded Boyfriend vs. Girlfriend match where Noble would be the victor after cheating his way through.

11 Molly Holly and Spike Dudley

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Molly Holly is often touted as being on of wrestling's most genuinely nice people and judging by her appearance on Table for 3 that seems to be true. She joined the WWE in late 2000 as the third Holly Cousin. She then took a liking to Spike Dudley who was obviously a member of The Dudley Family. The two then took a liking to each other. Her cousins did not like it because they hated The Dudleys and The Dudleys didn't like her because she was a Holly. However, the two still managed to remain together and Spike even had a match with Steve Austin after Austin called her a bimbo. Spike lost of course. The pairing came to an end after Holly turned on Spike in favor of The Hurricane.

10 Torrie Wilson and Billy Gunn

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Although Torrie Wilson was not the best wrestler, she sure was on television a ton during her run in WWE. She had a relationship with Tajiri when she first joined the WWE in 2001, but Tajiri was overprotective of her. She was on-and-off with her ex-husband Billy Kidman since their WCW days. But in early to mid 2003, she formed a partnership with Billy Gunn. Billy Gunn did absolutely nothing worth mentioning as a single's competitor besides feuding with Jamie Noble. The feud culminated after Noble, Nidia, Gunn, and Wilson were seen in a bed and the fans assumed they were having a foursome. Wilson just split from Gunn suddenly and Gunn was left solo where he accomplished just as much as he did with Wilson.


8 Vickie Guerrero and Eric Escobar

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Vickie Guerrero made an excellent career for herself as a manager and General Manager. She did a great job for Dolph Ziggler and his career. Vickie Guerrero and Edge were also a really fun pairing to watch. However, I'm sure Vickie wants her relationship with Eric Escobar to be stricken from  the record books. The two debuted at SmackDown's 10 year anniversary show. He had a match on SmackDown against Matt Hardy and defeated Hardy to earn a spot on Team SmackDown at the Bragging Rights Pay-Per-View. He was then kicked off the team along with five other people. He lost to John Morrison for the Intercontinental Championship and then Vickie dumped him. He lost a few squash matches and was released in early 2010.

7 Shaniqua and The Bashams

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The Bashams were one of SmackDown's few teams to remain after the much successful SmackDown Six went there separate ways. Although they were being billed as brothers mainly because they look similar, they were not actually brothers. A few weeks after they debuted, a tall woman interfered on their behalf. She was given the name Shaniqua. Shaniqua was a dominatrix. She would put the ball in their mouth so they couldn't talk. She would whip them. They would get down on their knees for her and she would tie them up. The team had some success as they won the Tag Team Championship in 2003. Their partnership came to an end after Shaniqua was given a Banzai Drop from Rikishi and was released shortly after.

6 Miss Jackie and Rico

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Rico is currently undergoing a lot medical issues and I wish the best for him. Rico turned on 3-Minute Warning and began a singles run in 2003. A woman known as Miss Jackie became his manager. Jackie was a dreadful wrestler and that is clearly shown in her dreadful tag team match with her and Chris Nowinski vs. Bradshaw and Trish Stratus. So she then tried her luck at managing. They moved to SmackDown, and Rico formed a successful tag team with Charlie Haas and Jackie was the manager. The tandem won Tag Team Championship once. The group lost the tag titles to The Dudley Boyz and the group became irrelevant. The group would all be released from WWE within a year of their formation.

5 Trish Stratus and Carlito

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Trish Stratus is one of wrestling's most successful transitions from manager to wrestler. She started off managing Test and Albert and then Val Venis and wrestled very few matches until she won the Women's Championship in 2001. She would hold the title an outstanding seven times. She retired in 2006 after winning the Women's Championship one final time but prior to that, she had a strange year. After feuding and losing the title to Mickie James at WrestleMania 22, she floundered. She began a relationship with Carlito. The two teamed up on multiple occasions, but ended after Stratus retired. Carlito would subsequently replace Trish with Torrie Wilson and WWE acted as if the two were never together.

4 Bertha Faye and Harvey Wippleman

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Bertha Faye was a member of the WWE's newly created Women's Division in 1995 (nothing compared to the Division we see today). She was a talented wrestler and even spent time in Japan. When she joined the WWE, they made her a comedic wrestler which really hurt her and the Women's Division. She feuded with Alundra Blayze, and those two were the only main people in the division. Faye had Harvey Wippleman as a manager. The two allegedly did not get along while in a relationship with each other. Wippleman never really did anything for Faye during their partnership. The Women's Division faded in 1996 and Faye would eventually ask for her release. Alundra Blayze then showed up on Nitro and dumped the Women's Championship in trash can.

3 Joy Giovanni and Big Show


Joy Giovanni was a contestant on the WWE Diva Search Competition. She finished in third place, but was still given a contract. She joined SmackDown and was paired with Big Show. Big Show and Joy feuded with the JBL's Cabinet and particularly Amy Weber who was also a contestant on the Diva's Search. The pairing with Big Show never made any sense. Big Show who was a face at the time, did not need a valet, let alone a girlfriend. She never wrestled and was incredibly pointless. She was released after being on SmackDown for less than a year. Her last pro wrestling appearance was at WrestleMania XXV when she took part in a Diva's Battle Royal where they would crown "Miss WrestleMania." (A man, Santino Marrell, won this contest.)

2 Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle

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Although he was in WWE less than a year at this point, Kurt Angle became one of pro wrestling's most entertaining characters. He is the the best example of someone "getting it" so early in his career. In summer of 2002 Kurt Angle by that point had done everything he needed to do besides win the WWE Championship. He, The Rock, and Triple H were set for a Triple Threat Match at SummerSlam 2000. Kurt Angle began to lust after Triple H's "wife" at the time Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Angle even ditched Triple H in a tag match to tend to an injured Stephanie and even kissed her. At the No Mercy Pay-Per-View Angle defeated The Rock with Stephanie McMahon at ringside on the behalf of Angle. The pairing ended when Stephanie McMahon chose to remain with Triple H.

1 Stacy Keibler and Test

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Andrew "Test" Martin had a tremendous look as a wrestler. They never exactly knew what to do with him. He was turned constantly up until his release in 2004. In 2002 they paired him with Stacy Keibler. They labeled her as his "image consultant." Test cut his hair and changed his pants in to wrestling trunks. He started off as a face, and nicknamed his fans"Testicles." Keibler requested that Test team with Scott Steiner. Test began to mistreat Keibler almost to a point where you can call it abuse. Steiner tried to defend the honor of Keibler but eventually turned on her as well. Keibler became more of a subservient character to both Steiner and Test and had very little success up until their disbandment in 2004.

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