Love And Wrestling: Top 15 Couples In WWE Right Now

WWE Superstars spend more than 300 days a year on the road travelling with the company, sometimes performing at more than one show a night. The company moves from state to state on a daily basis an

WWE Superstars spend more than 300 days a year on the road travelling with the company, sometimes performing at more than one show a night.

The company moves from state to state on a daily basis and leaves many of the top Superstars with lack of free time in order to go home and visit their families.

This means that many WWE Superstars seek solace in the arms of the people who are on the road with them. No one understands the schedule as much as fellow Superstars and the fact that they are on the road together means that they always have time to see each other.

It's so much easier for Superstars to be thrown together in a relationship when they are both on the road together. And most of the time this is the reason why married WWE Stars end up cheating on their spouses. They are lonely on the road and there are fellow Superstars are there at the time.

Some of the best tag teams and couples have come out of WWE because groups of Superstars are forced together and many pair up as travelling buddies and in turn force relationships.

It comes as no surprise that this has happened many times over the past few years but right now there are more WWE couples than there has ever been with 15 of them currently part of WWE's proceedings.

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15 Nikki Bella and John Cena


WWE's golden couple. The longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history and the 15-time World Champion, Nikki Bella and John Cena began dating back in 2012 after Nikki ended her relationship with Dolph Ziggler and Cena had filed for divorce from his wife Elizabeth.

The couple's relationship has been a running topic on Total Divas over the past five seasons with Nikki revealing that she wanted to marry John but the face of WWE has stated many times that he will never marry again after what his first wife put him though. This often puts a strain on the couple's relationship and has often led to many arguments between the pair, but by the end of the episode, the duo has usually managed to come to an agreement about their future.

14 Maryse and The Miz


The Miz and Maryse were first placed together on WWE TV as part of a storyline where The Miz was attempting to show off in front of Maryse but kept losing his matches and ultimately failed.

The duo didn't have a lot of on-screen chemistry, so it came as a shock when they announced that they were dating in real life. Maryse then left WWE to explore other avenues of employment and left The Miz on his own in WWE. The couple managed to continue dating despite the hectic travelling schedule and not seeing each other as often and decided to tie the knot in 2014. Earlier this year Maryse returned to WWE TV as the valet for her husband and the duo are now one of the most recognizable couples on WWE TV.

13 Naomi and Jimmy Uso


Naomi is one of the most underrated and overlooked women that WWE currently employs but the WWE Universe has been able to connect with her as a person much easier since she appeared on Total Divas. Naomi had a key role in the first four seasons before she was then taken off the show in favour of newcomer Mandy.

It was during her time on the show that her relationship with former WWE Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso became much more apparent and the couple's wedding was even featured on the show after they got married in Maui in January 2014. Naomi then became the step-mother to Jimmy/John's two younger children following the marriage. Today, the couple remains together as members of the SmackDown Live roster, where they have both recently reinvented their characters.

12 Stephanie McMahon and Triple H


The definitive WWE power couple: 'The Billion Dollar Princess,' Stephanie McMahon and 'The Cerebral Assassin' himself, Triple H. The couple has been together now for more than a decade and has now begun appearing on WWE TV together again over the past few years, referring to themselves as The Authority.

The couple began dating back in 2000 after they were scripted to be together on an episode of Raw. the duo was then engaged on Valentine's Day in 2003 before they married later the same year. The couple now has three daughters born in 2006, 2008, and 2010. Incredibly, both Stephanie and Triple H managed to split their time between appearing on WWE TV, helping to run the company, and supporting their growing family. There is no denying their commitment levels.

11 Kathy Colace and John Laurinaitis


The former General Manager of Raw is still an ever-present fixture in the WWE locker room, having now decided to take a backstage role in the company rather than one that requires an on-screen presence. John Laurinaitis currently holds the job as a Senior Producer with WWE while it is thought that Kathy Colace has an agreement with the company to appear in shows centring around her daughters.

Shockingly enough, Kathy Colace is the mother of WWE Superstars Nikki and Brie Bella and her marriage to John Laurinaitis will play a key part in the first season of Total Bella's that is due to air on the E! Network on October 3rd. The duo has been dating for the past few years after meeting because of their wrestling connections but have only recently decided to tie the knot and have their wedding day filmed for the TV cameras.

10 Natalya and Tyson Kidd


The only female graduate from the Hart Family Dungeon and the former WWE Tag Team Champion have known each other since they were 12-years-old. The story of their growing relationship is one that fairy tales are made of and somehow they have managed to grow from being friends to wanting to begin a family.

Natalya is another member of Total Divas and her relationship with Tyson Kidd is one of the key reasons for this. While the show has been used to show all of the problems that the couple have been through during their relationship, it was also used to show their wedding day back in 2013 as part of the first season of the show. Tyson was injured during a match with Samoa Joe back in 2015 and while Natalya has returned to WWE TV and is now a part of the SmackDown Live Women's Division, Tyson is still yet to return.

9 Paige and Alberto Del Rio


It has become known as one of the most controversial relationships in WWE history, but when Paige announced that she was in a relationship with former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio, it was met with a varied reaction from the WWE Universe.

The company were also less than supportive, opting to split the couple up during the WWE Draft back in July while reportedly telling Paige that her contract with WWE would be terminated if she didn't end the relationship. Del Rio and Paige were both suspended in August for a violation of WWE's Wellness Policy and the Mexican Superstar opted not to return to the company afterwards while Paige is set to make her return. The couple has remained together regardless of the reaction, with Paige recently posting an Instagram photo of her new tattoo that reads 'Alberto.'

8 Renee Young and Dean Ambrose


Renee Young and Dean Ambrose's relationship is one of the better kept secrets in WWE. Mostly because Ambrose is a very private person and prefers to stay away from Social Media. His Twitter is verified but the former WWE World Champion has never tweeted, mostly because he doesn't actually know how to use Twitter.

The couple's relationship only fully became public knowledge when Renee began appearing in the latest season of Total Divas and often brought Dean along with her. On-screen they appear to be the perfect couple with Ambrose acting so much different to he does as 'The Lunatic Fringe' in WWE. This is a couple that WWE has never pulled any focus to and it doesn't seem that the company will ever use their romance in a story ine despite the fact that many of the WWE Universe are now fully aware of it.

7 Lana and Rusev


'The Bulgarian Brute' and 'The Ravishing Russian' are two Superstars that couldn't be more different. From the outside it doesn't seem like a relationship between them would work, but somehow the couple has managed to stay together for the past few years.

Both Superstars have definitely had their critics. Vince McMahon being one of them, decided to pair Lana with Dolph Ziggler in an attempt to force a break up between the couple because he was reportedly jealous of the relationship. This obviously failed as TMZ leaked that Lana and Rusev had become engaged earlier this year before the couple took time away from WWE a few weeks ago in order to marry. They then had another marriage to celebrate both Superstars individual nationalities the following week and this was the reason Rusev missed more TV appearances.

6 Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan


Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan is another odd match to come from WWE. Brie doesn't come from the same background as Daniel but still it seems that the duo share the same kinds of beliefs when it comes to eating meat and recycling to save renewable resources.

The couple has been together ever since they were a part of a relationship triangle on WWE TV which also included Brie's sister Nikki. Brie came out on top in real life and the duo married in season three of Total Divas in the weeks following WrestleMania XXX. Even though Brie retired from WWE at WrestleMania 32 she is still technically part of WWE as an inactive Superstar and her husband Daniel has returned to the company in a non-wrestling role as the new General Manager of SmackDown Live.

5 Emma and Zack Ryder


The former Intercontinental Champion and the former NXT Superstar have been dating for a while now, but their relationship is relatively unknown to the WWE Universe. Aside from posting cute pictures and comments about each other on both Twitter and Instagram, this couple hasn't really been very public with their relationship. It was announced through Social Media that the couple were dating back in January 2016, but there has been no update from the pair since.

Emma has been away from WWE TV for a while after suffering a back injury, and it has been reported that she should be returning to WWE soon, likely on the SmackDown Live roster to join boyfriend Zack Ryder who is currently a part of The Hype Bros with Mojo Rawley.

4 Dana Brooke and Dolph Ziggler


Following his failed relationship with Nikki Bella, Dolph Ziggler has moved on to date former NXT Superstar Dana Brooke. The former gymnast and bodybuilder seems to be keeping Dolph busy while touring on the road with WWE, even though they have recently been split up by the WWE Draft with Dana on Monday Night Raw and Dolph on SmackDown Live.

The couple has posted many updates about their relationship on Social Media over the past few months and still seem to be going strong. Dolph has more recently been pushed towards both the World and Intercontinental Championships while Dana has currently been playing a crucial role in the main women's storyline on Raw where Dana has assumed the role Charlotte's protegee, and will likely soon branch off on her own to chase the title.

3 Carmella and Big Cass


The seven-foot giant and the self-proclaimed 'hottest chick in the ring' have been dating since 2015 when they were placed together in NXT as part of a tag team along with Enzo Amore. The trio worked well together and were even pushed towards NXT Tag Team Championship gold before Enzo and Big Cass were promoted to the main roster.

The relationship between this duo was revealed on the WWE Network show Breaking Ground and still seems to be going strong despite the fact that Carmella was drafted to SmackDown Live and Enzo and Cass were drafted to Monday Night Raw during the live Draft special episode of SmackDown. The couple often travelled and even lived together at one point, but this could have changed since filming finished on season one of Breaking Ground.

2 Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy


Alexa Bliss has more recently become known as the Harley Quinn of SmackDown Live and she obviously has her own Joker, former tag team partner Buddy Murphy. The couple began dating when they were placed together on NXT and have since become travelling buddies, often posting cute travel updates on Instagram.

Alexa is currently tearing it up on SmackDown Live after being drafted a few months ago, while Buddy has been left down on the NXT roster and seemingly has unfinished business down there. This would obviously have affected the amount of time the couple can spend together travelling to and from shows, but it seems they have a strong foundation and distance isn't a factor in their relationship. Who knows, perhaps Buddy Murphy will receive and call-up to the main roster and SmackDown Live in the near future.

1 Sara Del Rey and Cesaro


The former Intercontinental Champion and one of the head trainers at WWE's Performance Centre have recently found their connection become a much more romantic one.

Sara Del Rey is a former Independent wrestler  and is was widely considered to be one of the most talented female wrestlers of the last generation. Sara has a lot of knowledge to bestow upon the latest list of recruits to WWE's training facility. Sara and Cesaro have known each other since their days on the Independent circuit, specifically Ring of Honor Wrestling where they would work side-by-side. While it is not quite clear when they began dating, they are another relationship that could be destined for wedding bells in the future. So this relationship is one that could be worth watching out for.

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