Loyal In Love: 15 Wrestlers Who Are Shockingly Monogamous

Wrestling is a strange old sport. Wrestlers rarely have the chance to go home and see their families, which makes it really hard for many Superstars to stay loyal throughout their careers.

Wrestlers are believed to be on the road around 300 days a year and are only able to see their families around twice a week.

When relationships happen between wrestlers it is obviously much easier, but this isn't always the case. Even though it is a struggle, some wrestlers have been able to maintain relationships with their spouse despite rarely ever seeing them.

These stars take advantage of new technology and are able to Skype, call, and message their families on a regular basis and then see them at shows whenever they can. These wrestlers rarely make the headlines because the real story is all about the wrestlers who are cheating behind their wives or husbands back.

There are more monogamous wrestlers than you might think, and the following list looks at some of the wrestlers over the past few years who have been able to prove that even though their spouse is out of sight, they are certainly not out of mind.

15 Eva Marie

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Eva Marie has been married to Jonathan Coyle now for the past three years. And even though she hasn't been seen on WWE TV now for almost a year, she is still a regular cast member on Total Divas.

The way Eva came into the company was reminiscent of other Diva Search women who have given out many favours backstage in order to be given a push in the company. Eva obviously was never focused on wrestling as much as she was in an acting career and it seems that she could be set to depart WWE in order to continue working as an actress. There has been a lot of heat on Eva since she arrived, but there was never any question about her love for Jonathan, and his love for her in return.

14 Bo Dallas

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Bo Dallas is the real life brother of Bray Wyatt and even though WWE are not pushing him in any storyline right now, he is still a former NXT Champion and the company are aware of the talent he possesses if they ever decide to give him a decent run.

Dallas is always on the road with WWE and travels just as much as every other Superstar, even though he's only being used as an enhancement talent. Bo did meet his wife Sarah Backman whilst they were both positioned together in NXT, but after she left the company Bo and Sarah continued their relationship and married in June 2014. Sarah is an eight-time Arm Wrestling Champion though, so it is easy to see why Bo doesn't' want to allow his eyes to wander.

13 The Miz

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The Miz and Maryse have been linked on WWE TV for the past year, but they have actually been married in real life for the past three years and were dating for a further few years before that. The Miz and Maryse are also regular cast members on Total Divas where they show that they literally have the perfect relationship.

Maryse left the company for around six years and The Miz was still performing on WWE TV on a weekly basis during this time. But they somehow managed to continue to date and then marry a few years later, despite Maryse attempting to start her own company and The Miz always being on the road. Life obviously has become much easier for the couple over the past year, since Maryse was rehired by WWE and allowed to work as her husband's valet.

12 Neville

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Neville is a former NXT Champion and is the current King of the Cruiserweights. He has been instrumental in getting 205 Live off the ground and when it comes to his personal life, his wife has had it much harder than most of the other wrestler's spouses.

Neville is originally from Newcastle in England and when he was signed to WWE his wife was forced to move to America with him. Neville and his wife Natalie finally married in June 2015, years after Natalie moved to America. Neville is another star who is used on almost every WWE show, which means that Neville is always touring with WWE and rarely gets to see his wife. Neville is definitely punching above his weight with Natalie so it is highly unlikely that anyone in the WWE Locker room would ever be able to turn his head.

11 Kofi Kingston

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Kofi Kingston is considered by many of the WWE Universe to be a veteran in the company after many years of being part of the mid-card on both Raw and SmackDown. Kofi was once best friends with CM Punk as well who has quite a shocking dating resume, but it seems that Kofi didn't pick up on this bad influence.

Kofi has been married to Kori Campfield since 2010 and the couple has since welcomed two sons over the past seven years. While many other wrestlers have been wrapped up in scandals with different female wrestlers during Kofi's time as part of the locker room, Kofi prefers to share photos online of him spending time with his children and attempting to be a role model and a good father on a regular basis.

10 Tyler Breeze

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Prince Pretty doesn't seem as though he's the kind of person who would be able to remain with the same woman for very long. Tyler Breeze's entire character is about how attractive he is and has recently been joined by another egomaniac in Fandango.

It seems that Tyler is completely different in real life though. He has been dating Audrey Marie since the duo were together in NXT back in 2013. After three years of dating, the couple decided to tie the knot in September 2016. Audrey has been working on the independent circuit for the past few years while Breeze has been touring with WWE, but seemingly somehow the couple has managed to remain as happy as they were when they first met in NXT almost four years ago.

9 Kevin Owens

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Kevin Owens is a well-known personality all over the wrestling circuit after an incredible run on the Indies before he was signed to WWE. Owens was already married before he came to WWE and many of the WWE Universe have commented on how attractive Karina is.

Owens has mentioned his wife in many interviews and stated that she loved him when he had nothing, before he was part of the WWE roster, and he loves her right now. Together the couple have two children together, a son named Owen who is named after Owen Hart and a daughter named Elodie. Owens often shares pictures of his family online on Twitter whenever he has the chance to visit them, given the fact that he currently must have one of the most hectic touring schedules in the company.

8 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is the internet darling of WWE. As a former Raw and NXT Women's Champion, Sasha has always stood out, but the entire time she has been all male members of the WWE Universe's fantasy, she has been dating another fellow wrestler.

Sarath Ton and Sasha met when she was an Independent wrestler and have since both joined WWE even though Sarath has been hired as a seamstress/costume designer. Sasha and Sarath married back in August last year after more than four years together and shattered the dreams of many of the WWE Universe. Sasha likes to have fun with Seth Rollins online as the duo make videos and play to the fact that the WWE Universe want them to be together but when it comes to loyalty, Sasha is completely loyal to Sarath.

7 Brian Kendrick

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Brian Kendrick is another veteran in WWE. He is a former Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion and has been with WWE for many years. Kendrick is the only member of the current Cruiserweight Division that was actually part of the old division almost a decade ago. But despite all the time he has spent on the road perfecting his craft and travelling with WWE, Kendrick has remained loyal to one woman.

Kendrick married Tough Enough finalist Taylor Matheny back in August 2008 and the couple has remained together ever since. Kendrick was brought in to train Eva Marie back in 2013 when she first signed with WWE and his wife joined him at the Performance Centre to help. This is one of the first times the WWE Universe have see Taylor and Brian together.

6 Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose is known as a Lunatic in WWE and certainly has a history that WWE would not be able to talk about in the current PG Era. Ambrose has had relationships with many women over the years but during his time in WWE Ambrose has only had eyes for one girl.

Ambrose began dating Renee Young back in 2015, even though the WWE Universe were unhappy with the fact that Ambrose had found a partner that wasn't one of them. The couple got through many obstacles throughout their time together and announced earlier this month that they had secretly married in a small ceremony in October last year. Somehow Renee has managed to tame Dean's wild side and it has all worked out well for Ambrose throughout his time in WWE over the past five years.

5 Jeff Hardy

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Jeff Hardy has been in and around the professional wrestling world now for the past two and a half decades. Along with his brother Matt, Jeff changed the landscape of Tag Team wrestling in WWE before he made the switch over to TNA.

Hardy has always had a love for wrestling, but he also has a love for one woman, Beth Britt. Jeff met Beth the night after he won the Tag Team Championship for the first time back in 1999 and the couple have been together ever since. Hardy and Britt didn't marry until 2011 after 12 years of dating and having already welcomed a daughter. There were rumours about Jeff Hardy and Mickie James during their time together in both WWE and TNA, but there was never any substantial proof to these rumours.

4 Karl Anderson

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Karl Anderson is another Superstar who has a huge love of wrestling. He has worked all over the world and has now finally been signed to WWE. This is one of the highlights of his career and of course, he has brought his 'hot Asian wife' with him.

Anderson and his wife have three sons together and are seemingly closer than ever. The WWE Universe first met Luke Gallows' wife at the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony a few weeks ago, but Anderson remains very private about his family and his wife's name is still something that is unknown by the WWE Universe. Despite the fact that Anderson has been moving from city to city and country to country over the past few years, he always makes time for his wife and children.

3 AJ Styles

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AJ Styles is a TNA legend. He is also a former NJPW star and a current main eventer in WWE. AJ has an incredibly busy life, as he has been part of the wrestling circuit almost his entire life and it's a shock that he is able to fit anything else into his life when he's so busy wrestling.

AJ has been married to Wendy Jones for the past 17 years. Wendy is a school teacher so she has a busy life as well while AJ is on the road. The couple have three sons and a daughter together, whom AJ has all of their names tattooed on his ribs underneath his AJ tattoo. Styles is an attractive wrestler and there are many single women in the WWE locker room, but it's obvious that the former WWE Champion isn't looking at anything except his family at this point in his career.

2 Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt is The Eater of Worlds. He is one of the most creative wrestlers in WWE history and over the past few years, he has also spent a lot of time on the road given the fact that he has slowly been pushed towards the main event picture.

Wyatt has his brother Bo on the road with him, but when it comes to his family, his wife Samantha Rotunda whom he married in 2005, remains at home while Wyatt travels the world. The couple have two daughters together and while there are many photos of the couple online, Bray is rarely seen with his family outside of WWE at any WWE hosted events because of the fact that he doesn't want to be seen to be breaking character.

1 Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns is hated by many members of the WWE Universe, but he isn't hated by many of the female demographic. Roman is an attractive star and it's obvious that many females would be chasing him based on this, but Roman isn't interested.

Roman married Galina Becker back in 2014 after the couple had dated since their time in college together. The couple have an eight-year-old daughter named Joelle as well and Roman is a dedicated father when it comes to his daughter. Roman shares many photos online of him with his daughter and his wife accompanied him to the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony earlier this year. Roman may be disliked by a lot of WWE fans, but when it comes to his family and his personal life, he can't really be judged at all.

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