Luke Harper Fires Back At WWE's Threats To Fine Him

It's been six months since Luke Harper took to Twitter and revealed that he requested his release from WWE, but the company never followed through with his wish.

Harper has since done what's been asked of him in WWE, reforming his partnership with former Wyatt Family counterpart Erick Rowan. But Harper is back on Twitter, seemingly trying to orchestrate his exit yet again.

Harper changed his Twitter bio to the following, and he's now allowing fans to send him direct messages:

"DMs are wide open. Wwe threatened to fine me but it's cool when nxt talent cusses on Twitter.... got it."

Whether or not Harper will have any success in getting released from WWE remains to be seen. Harper appears to be at a point now where he doesn't care enough about his position in WWE. The man simply wants out.

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In his aforementioned Twitter statement in which Harper announced his requested release, the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion said it felt "right for my future and WWE." Harper added that he wanted "to continue to grow as a performer and person," while thanking fans for their support.

Unfortunately for Harper, WWE doesn't seem to have any interest in releasing any talents, obviously in fear that they'll head for AEW. It was reported in January that The Revival and Mike and Maria Kanellis requested to be released. However, the Kanellis couple wound up signing new contracts, and The Revival are still with WWE. Only time will tell if Harper is successful in his mission to get released.

WWE Should Just Let Harper Free

There is no reason for WWE to keep a disgruntled superstar that wants to explore other opportunities. It's not as though WWE is trying to give him a main event push or anything, so why are they intent on keeping Harper? If they won't use him accordingly, then they should let Harper go. He's done enough for the company, and Harper has earned the right to find a new home.

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