Harper Leaves Tour Early, Unlikely Name Teams With Rowan

Luke Harper has flown back to the United States while on tour with SmackDown Live in South America.

According to PWInsider, the WWE Superstar is expected to return to SmackDown Live, but in the meantime, Mojo Rawley stepped in to team with Erick Rowan. Harper did end up attending the Lima, Peru SmackDown Live event, however.

Harper hasn't mentioned anything on Twitter as to why he flew back to the US prior to this weekend's SmackDown shows in both Mexico City and Merida, Mexico. It's not uncommon for wrestlers to be granted time off, and that's what this seems to be at the moment.

WWE recently decided to repackage Harper, along with Erick Rowan, as the Bludgeon Brothers. They recently defeated the Hype Bros two weeks in a row on SmackDown Live, prompting the team of Rawley and Zack Ryder to implode.


That wasn't the only thing of note this week for the Bludgeon Brothers, however. WWE also changed Luke Harper's name to just "Harper" and Erick Rowan's name to "Rowan" in an attempt to make them sound more intimidating. They don't need much help in that regard though. Both Harper and Rowan established themselves as members of the Wyatt Family during their time with NXT Wrestling. They were actually the second NXT Tag-Team Champions ever.

But when the Wyatt Family disbanded, both wrestlers competed in singles events and have fallen down the pecking order. Now, it looks like both guys will have a chance to revitalize their careers with WWE.

Despite being a new tag-team With SmackDown Live, I'm sure Harper and Rowan will soon be facing off against likes of Benjamin & Gable, The New Day, and may even get a shot at the WWE SmackDown Tag-Team Champions The Usos.

With SmackDown on tour, they will be back in the United States as they're scheduled to appear in San Diego this coming Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017.


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Harper Leaves Tour Early, Unlikely Name Teams With Rowan